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Progressives are Socialists-Communists Using a New Name

The Radical Left (most Democrats) are smart. They know that most people have seen that Socialism (like in China, Venezuela, Brazil and the Soviet Union) didn’t work. It’s a failure. In Venezuela, a modern example of this is happening now. They reduced the work week to save on energy and electricity which are in short supply, and in 2015 they ran out of toilet paper. The poverty level is as high as ever in the country’s history. The corruption is well known and documented. Money from the countries oil doesn’t reach the people.

The Radical Left know that almost all Americans know that Communism didn’t work in the Soviet Union, which collapsed under its weight, and that Socialism, like that in Venezuela… have been a miserable failure. In Brazil, the GDP has fallen to almost negative growth rates and the Brazilian Workers Party is the center of crony capitalism problems such as money laundering, state run oil company scandals, claims of bribery, etc. Investor confidence has collapsed, investment has fallen, job losses are accelerating and the economic crisis is now spilling over into an all-out political crisis. It is a failed state imploding upon itself due to its Socialistic underpinnings and related central government corruption. As stated by author Brittany Hunter, “As young Americans move towards a more socialistic system of ideals, the students of Brazil march the streets of their country warning the world to take a different path”. Scholars of Soviet Russia are puzzled by Americans desire to move in this direction after watching the failure of their economy under Communist Socialism.

Like the Wizard in The Wizard of Oz, the promise of a Utopian Society for the people is a con that has been perpetrated over and over by charlatan leaders from Mao in China to Stalin in Russia to Hugo Chavez in Venezuela and Lula in Brazil. These fakes promise the people free stuff like phones, education, health care, housing, food, and welfare checks (sound familiar?) if you’ll only vote for them. Obama did it. He got elected using this tactic. Hillary is doing the same. Unlike traditional capitalists like Trump (or just about any other Republican), she thinks jobs come from taxing the rich more and putting $25 billion to work in social programs like building infrastructure. It didn’t work under Obama, and it won’t work under Hillary.

Because of these failures in economic policy of past Socialistic regimes around the world, and in their own Radical Left programs in the major cities that Democrats have controlled for 5 or 6 decades like Dertroit and Chicago, the Leftist Radicals of the Democratic Party - Hillary Clinton, Barack Obama, Loretta Lynch, Elizabeth Warren, John Kerry - had to come up with a new name for it so they could “push” the Leftist narrative down the same old socialist and communist path. And the new name is Progressivism. No gender, no religion, removal of private property rights, removal of fundamental rights in the Constitution (starting with guns so people can’t fight back), centralized government power taxing the rich and redistributing it to the poor in the form of free food, health care, housing, welfare, etc. This is Socialism, this is Communism. Progressives are Socialists and Socialistic societies have been and will continue to be failures. It’s that simple.  

Margaret Thatcher said about Socialism, “Eventually you run out of other people’s money.” Lenin also stated, “The goal of Socialism is Communism”. That ought to scare you a little. Finally, Winston Churchill said, “Socialism is a philosophy of failure, the creed of ignorance, and the gospel of envy, its inherent virtue is the equal sharing of misery.” These leaders saw Socialism up close and personal, and they saw it fail time after time.

But if you are a Democrat, a Leftist, and you want power above all else, what do you do? You have to figure out how to advance the agenda. You fight against requiring voters to show an ID card. You let as many illegal immigrants into the nation as possible and get them to vote ILLEGALLY in absentee ballots or early voting ballots. You enslave and trap as many people as possible on government programs like food stamps and welfare so they are too scared to vote for anyone that might take the free benefits you receive away, because you’ve come to depend upon them. You tax the rich as much as possible. You chip away at private property rights and the other rights that are in the Constitution of the United States. You are intolerant of anyone that disagrees with your agenda by calling them bigots, racists, or “out of touch”. This is where Political Correctness comes from…an intolerance of anyone that wants to state their mind if that commentary is opposed to the Leftist narrative. Finally, you place as many liberal leftist activist judges on the bench as possible, hopefully on the Supreme Court, where you can then push your agenda through and the highest court in the land will support the destruction of the Constitutional rights that the Left doesn’t like or might get in the way of advancing your agenda of an all-powerful, centralized government.

The Left has been very successful at trapping the poor and the unemployed. This makes it difficult for those on the Right to win. Part of this is that the Right is not making false promises, they are telling people the truth. Life isn’t easy. You have to work to earn a living. You will not get free stuff, but if you elect us, we will give you an equal opportunity, we will increase your shot a getting a job to better your life. The Left has countered this effectively by just giving the poor free stuff, and trapping them into generation after generation of poverty and welfare assistance so that now, this group of people don’t have any idea what it means to work, and they have no desire to work. Why should they? Tax rates are so high that after they work for a week, the check they get is less than if they just stayed home and did nothing and collected welfare! Pretty effective way to maintain a voting base, although it is evil and insidious.

And yet this insidious evil, this enslavement, is what we have to graphically show people they have opted for, and give them hope that they can fight their way to a better life through work. We have to lower tax rates and free up the flow of capital to entrepreneurs. We have to make small loans to black and Latino women that want to start a business in the ghetto. History shows that women pay off their loans much more so than men. History shows that small or micro loans that help establish a person in the smallest of businesses, like paying for a washer and dryer to do laundry for people, get repaid at a 98 or 99 percent rate. We have to eliminate the barriers to allowing people to start such businesses, such as overly burdensome payroll taxes and business licenses and insurance requirements. Set these people free from these things and you will cut the number of people on Welfare. You will increase their self-esteem and confidence and their wealth. But that’s not what the Left wants. Beware of any politician that doesn’t want policies that will allow a person to become self-reliant, build self-esteem, and increase personal wealth.  


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