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You might want to buy stock in gun companies because they’re going to have some incredible profits over the next couple quarters.

California is a huge economy. 7th largest in the world I’m told. Lots of people, lots of gun owners. And now that California has passed a slate of what appear to me to be unconstitutional gun related laws, the run on guns is happening now, particularly rifles. The run on Ammo will begin in about 18 months but sales are already picking up because in January 2018 you won’t be able to buy ammo online from out of state any more. Of course, this is where we, the consumer, can find the best pricing. So the regulations care not about the consumer, they are decidedly anti-consumer, and anti-gun. In fact, I would say that the possibility exists that due to the cost increases we are and will continue to see, it will effectively be deemed such a severe limitation on our second amendment right that it will be deemed unconstitutional.

I personally have been on the phone and in the shops around California. They can’t keep rifles on the shelves and people are already beginning to stockpile ammunition. Prices are going up across the state at the retail level. Manufacturers are making guns as fast as they can, sending them to California, and selling them out the day they land at the stores. Customers are giving shop owners their names and numbers and telling them to call them the minute the guns land. There are waiting lists on many popular brands like Glock, Smith and Wesson, Rugers, and Baretta’s.

The anti-gun leftist elites have a plan. It’s simple: Tell people that with all this violence, we have to do something. Forget that the “something” they want to do has been proven to simply not work. They’re smart – they know that people feel better if they “just do something”, even if it’s the wrong thing. So they get people to go along with the enactment of stupid, ineffective laws and regulations.

Here’s what I mean: Chicago has just about the strictest gun laws in the nation. There is probably no place in the country that is more dangerous. There are roughly 2 homicides a day happening there now, a total of 410 so far this year in just 270 days. 2,457 people shot so far this year. Does this sound like a place where gun laws are being followed? By contrast, almost 30% of all the citizens in the state of Utah carry concealed weapons. They also have one of the lowest crime rates on planet earth. I wonder why? Homicides per 100,000 people in Salt Lake City are around 3.6. Homicides in Chicago – around 20 per 100,000 people. 555% higher chance of being shot and killed in Chicago than in Salt Lake City.

In the 1990’s I lived in Los Angeles. There were a ton of carjackings back then - people were being shot in the head while at a stop light, then the killer would pull them out of the car, get in and drive off. I travelled to Georgia during this time and asked a woman there if they were having problems with carjackings. She said, “Honey, we don’t have those here. Everyone has a gun in their car! The bad guys learned a long time ago that trying to jack a car means they’re gonna get shot!” Then she showed me her gun which she kept in her center console of her car.

We learned on August 4 that the ATF, a federal agency with a small army of officers, is illegally keeping a list of gun owners. Congress enacted a law that states explicitly that they cannot do this. But they are. This is troublesome, according to Judge Napalitano, because this list could be used by an anti-gun administration to harass gun owners, or worse, begin a process of confiscating guns in America. Just like Obama’s targeting of conservatives through IRS harassment, he is apparently getting ready to do the same with gun owners using the ATF and its illegal list. He may not have the opportunity to do it, but Hillary might if she gets into the White House.

Speaking of Hillary, she says now that she has no intention of “taking your guns away”. But remember, the plan on the radical left, of which Hillary and Obama are the leadership, calls for them to lie about the true agenda, then do what you want. She is a liar and she’s an expert at parsing words. In her twisted mind, trust me, she thinks that taking away all guns except BB guns will still mean that she’s “not taking our guns away”. She will ban AR-15’s and anything that looks like one. And then she will ban the number of guns you can own, the amount of ammo you can buy, and on and on. Eventually no guns will be left for you and your family to protect yourself from enemies both foreign and domestic.

Here’s how the left will accomplish their goal of removing guns from the American people: They won’t  start with outright confiscation, they will likely begin by selecting a particular kind of gun (like Assault Weapons…sound familiar?) and say that these must be registered – which will cost you money – and is really just a form of harassment. Then, once you’ve registered the gun, they can decide that these particular guns are no longer necessary in our culture today, they will run a massive disinformation campaign, and then pass a law or executive order and you will be forced to turn them in or go to jail. Similarly, they will apply the same to ammunition. First you will have a limit on how much you can buy. Then you will be flagged as a potential threat if you buy over a certain amount. They can come to your home and force you to turn over your guns and ammo and possibly be detained, questioned or arrested. This is how the process will go, until they’ve effectively confiscated all the guns from the law abiding citizens of America. They operate using an incremental approach to eventually get to the end game because they know they wouldn’t be successful any other way. The process they use is clearly laid out in the communist left wing Rules for Radicals that was used by Hillary and Obama as they were taught by Sol Alinsky.

This EXACT PROCESS is already happening in California. It already happened in Massachussetts. The laws passed in California, which are hopefully going to be legally challenged as unconstitutional, will outlaw the further sale of AR-15’s and many other rifles with magazines, on January 1 2017. If you own one of these guns, guess what? You have to register it with the CA Department of Justice – and pay a fee – by January 2018. If you don’t, you’re a criminal. California is also attacking the gun issue by regulating ammunition. No ammunition can be purchased, beginning in 2019, unless it is purchased through a California based licensed ammunition dealer, who also has to get all your personal information and send it to the CA DOJ – and do a background check on you and report the amount of ammo you are buying. You will have to pay another fee to have a card that allows you to buy ammunition. If you go to Arizona and buy ammunition and bring it into the state of California after January 2019, you are a criminal. Eventually, if this ammunition regulation is allowed to stand, they will enact an amendment to it that will limit the amount of ammunition you can buy. You buy 1,000 rounds a week because you’re a competition shooter that practices a lot? Expect a visit from the FBI and the ATF…you’ll be categorized as a potential terrorist or potential mass shooter, maybe even charged and arrested. Say goodbye to your ammunition and your guns at that point. Say goodbye to your right of privacy and your right to defend yourself and your right not to have your home invaded by government officials looking to confiscate your personal property.

Think all of this is far-fetched? Just keep watching Massachussetts and California. You’re about to see it all unfold unless we sue them in federal court and take it to the Supreme Court and get a ruling that ends this insane debate once and for all. Guns don’t cause crime. As you can see in the example of Chicago and Salt Lake City, guns may be the solution to high crime, but it doesn’t fit the end game of the radical left, which is to control the population, centralize power, shut down the people that have an opposing view to theirs, remove your guns so you can’t fight for what the Founding Fathers said was our greatest threat – a totalitarian all powerful centralized government.


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