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Obama's Legacy

Soon we will see Obama leave the White House and probably run for the head of the United Nations or the EU or some left wing bureaucratic socialistic organization bent on ruling the world. Since he is leaving, I thought perhaps a rundown of some of the things that will be on his list of accomplishments is in order.

·        Failed Economic Policies.

o   A very weak economy propped up by the government increasing the national debt to astronomical numbers.

o   The National Debt at $19 Trillion, the highest level of debt ever seen in our country’s history. The national Debt has essentially doubled since Obama took office. In 2009 it was approximately $10 trillion. Remember, our children will have to pay off this debt and it will negatively impact what remains of our lives. The interest alone on our debt is now one of the top 4 expense line items for our country. (Statistica)

o   Real unemployment at a 10% level, higher than when Obama took office…and it’s been as high as 17% and mostly in the 15% range all throughout his presidency. How is that great? (Bureau of Labor Statistics)

o   The labor force participation rate has fallen all throughout his presidency, and is at the lowest rate since 1978. (Bureau of Labor Statistics)

o   1 in 5 families do not have even one person in the household working.

o   Home ownership is at the lowest rate since 1965. The lowest rate in over 50 years. (US Census Bureau)

o   Anemic growth, if you can even believe the numbers from the government. Even the Chairman of JP Morgan Chase recently said that he’s not so sure we can trust the economic numbers that come from the government…and that’s scary. We already have known for years that the unemployment numbers are rigged to make the President look good…once you don’t get unemployment benefits, you’re considered employed according to the government! What a bunch of crap!

·        Failed Job Initiatives. 6 million more people on food stamps than when he came into office. Our country now has an embarrassing 15% of all residents of the US living off food stamps. For the richest nation in the world to have 15% of its entire population on food stamps…well, it only makes sense in the context of it being what the leftist elites want. People whom are dependent upon the government for food, shelter, and healthcare will do whatever you say. And if you can take away their guns, the “Haves” in a society cannot prevent you from taxing them and redistributing that money to the “Have-Nots”. You create a society of people that want everything for free and feel entitled to the good life without working for it or sacrificing or taking risk in order to achieve it. The black president has put even more people into economic slavery. All part of the plan on the left according to the Alinsky Model.

·        Failing Crime Policies. More violent crime in our major cities than when he took office. Cities like Obama’s home city, Chicago, there is a shooting roughly every 2 hours and 1.5 homicides A DAY. By the way, Chicago has the strictest gun law restrictions which directly contradicts the democrats narrative of more gun control will result in less crime. In fact, they don’t even argue this anymore, they just say, “We have to do SOMETHING.” Unfortunately, just doing something doesn’t solve the problem if it’s the wrong something. Utah has 27.5% of its citizens armed daily with concealed carry licenses. IN the highest crime city in Utah, Salt Lake City, there are 3.6 murders per 100,000 people, one of the lowest rates of all major cities on the planet. In Chicago, there are roughly 20 homicides per 100,000, one of the highest on the planet. I guess gun restrictions don’t work because criminals don’t pay attention to the law to begin with!

·        Increasing Terror. Terrorist attacks are occurring weekly today. For the first time in our countries history, they are occurring in our country and on our soil. This is due in large part to Obama’s failure to be aggressive in his approach to ISIS, his withdrawl from cities in Iraq that our soldiers had already fought and died to win in 2012, and his failure to give our troops the rules of engagement needed to win.

·        Failing Our Military. Obama’s Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton, gave 3 “Stand Down” orders to the troops that could have saved the lives of Americans in Benghazi…because she didn’t want to “upset” the locals in Libya. Americans were under fire, over-run, begging for help from our government, our Secretary of State and our President, and nobody came. To make the situation worse, Hillary tried to cover up her involvement in the affair and obscure the truth about what happened, then lied to the grieving parents of the dead.  

·        Cooperation with terrorists states like Iran. His payment of $400 million in what appears to be a ransom, what the Iranians SAY was a ransom payment, violates US policy on hostage taking and ransom payments or any other concessions that are given to anyone that take Americans hostage. This alone appears to be grounds for a Congressional Investigation and possibly Impeachment Hearings for Obama.

·        Arrogance. Obama’s arrogance is best shown by his “end run” on the US Constitution by signing a “treaty” with Iran and pushing it through the UN, instead of going to Congress for approval. He did this as he KNEW he would not get Congressional support for the “treaty”, so he had to come up with a way to get what he wanted to do, done without approval. He was successful, and our Republican leaders did nothing about it. John Boehner was ousted as the Speaker of the House for allowing it to happen on his watch, and Paul Ryan was named to the position as someone that would not allow such madness to occur. Then Obama railroaded an insane budget down the throats of Congress, and Ryan has proved to be as ineffective as Boehner thus far, unable to beat the Democrats back on virtually any issue, DESPITE having the majority of the House.

·        Failed Healthcare Reform. Obamacare…The Affordable Care Act as it is called, is anything but affordable and did not deliver on what Obama promised. The plan doesn’t provide affordable healthcare, except to low income people. It is purely a socialist plan, in effect, making wealthy people pay just as much or more for healthcare, and giving very low cost health care to low income people.

·        Radical Leftist Elite Muslim Sympathizer. Obama’s refusal to call our terrorist enemies by name, his relentless attempts to somehow spin the reality of their extreme terrorism into something softer by redacting documents and prohibiting certain names or phrases in reports at government agencies such as the DOJ and the FBI, all have the theme of someone that is more sympathetic to the Muslim religion than to the American people, whom really needed a strong leader at this moment in time. Many now believe that Obama is not a left leaning President, but much worse, a radical left politician, and is probably a Muslim sympathizer. Some at the extreme think he is the Manchurian Candidate, and “plant” sent here to bring down our government and way of life. His father and his step-father were Muslim, as was his step mother. This is the problem with electing an unknown for President…you don’t know who he is really aligned with, who he really is loyal to. Our forefathers required that the President be a natural born citizen. In the beginning of our country, this meant born on our soil. It did not include people born off shore, even if to US citizens, unless you were one of the original inhabitants from England. We changed that in 1792 to include off shore born citizens, however, Obama’s father was not a citizen of the US. Therefore, it has been argued that he should have been disqualified as a candidate, but the liberal left steamrolled him through calling anyone that questioned his qualifications a racist. The Republican Party leadership was too weak, as usual, to stand up and do anything about it.   

Well, there you have it. Remember, if Hillary wins, we’re having a funeral for our culture, then we’re moving to Texas, where men are free to be men, women aren’t confused, and children treat their elders with respect and say “Yes Sir” and “Yes Ma’am”.