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Voting for Hillary

It’s curious to me that when we look at a potential love interest, a potential business partner, finding a financial advisor, hiring a potential employee, we seem to almost always insist on a person of character. And what we do is look to see if there is a pattern of behavior that shows that this person is a person of good character because it is not what they say in an interview that matters, it’s the pattern of behavior and the good deeds or the trail of disasters that their life’s journey has left. If we don’t see that good character, we won’t do business with them, we won’t trust them with our money, we won’t hire them, we won’t marry them. But in the case of Hillary Clinton, you are willing to ignore a 30 year pattern of scandals, cover ups, lies, corruption, the death of Americans, lies to their families, more cover ups, and get rich schemes…and its baffling to me. I can’t explain it.

In Benghazi, Hillary showed a reckless disregard for the lives of her fellow Americans, the very people that worked for her while she was Secretary of State. She lied to the families of the dead in front of their coffins. It is now clear that she tried to hide her emails through an unauthorized server, and through the likely illegal act of deleting 30,000+ emails. The FBI stated she was reckless with confidential emails, And that she in fact lied about having turned over all her work related emails. The Clinton Foundation is yet another scandal that will likely turn out to be a bigger violation of the American public’s trust in government, but that’s just par for the course when it comes to Hillary. Is this the person you are voting for?

If you are an American, if you love America, if you claim to be a patriot, how can you allow such a person to become President? How can you expect our troops to respect such a person as their leader when they know that this leader will not back them up or send help when it’s needed? How can you? How can you vote for someone that the FBI has CONFIRMED FOR YOU is a liar? And if you do, then how dare you? How dare you allow for such a thing to happen. How dare you put MORE Americans lives at risk in the future?! How dare you reward such a person after there is clear and convincing evidence of her cover ups, her lies, and her deceit of both Congress and the American people? What possible motivation could you have to allow this person to go into the White House? Have you put any real thought into your decision? Do you know what you’re doing? Or are you simply making a decision like the millions of others, based upon how you “feel” about the person without looking at the facts, without looking at the trail of behavior that shows true character?

Finally, if you vote for Hillary, you are allowing the Clintons to once again move our countries ethics down another big notch. The first time it was Bill saying a “blow job” isn’t sex that we had to explain to our children. And his lies. And his impeachment. Now the example Hillary is setting is to allow lying to be alright, as long as you win; that it’s apparently OK to sell out your country to enrich yourself personally, and then lie and cover that up as well. It’s as if you are approving the Clinton philosophy of “If they can’t nail you legally, it must be OK, right?” Is that the message you want the Clintons to teach your children? Because if you vote for her, you are condoning her actions, her failures to act on behalf of Americans in danger, you are condoning her lies, you are ignoring the facts, you are ignoring what the FBI has found, and you will have to live with that.


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Hillary's (Most Recent) Criminal Enterprise

Hillary's (Most Recent) Criminal Enterprise