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$400 million in US taxpayer cash was secretly delivered, at Obama’s orders, to Iran without Congressional approval. Another move by Dictator Obama to do whatever he wants, without getting approval from our elected representatives, without our consent in other words, just because he can and because he is the most arrogant President we have ever had. This also raises yet again the questions in everyone’s minds as to how it is possible that we provide SUPPORT to a Muslim Extremist Terrorist state in this way!

The money was secretly delivered in CASH in an unmarked plane, using Dutch and Swiss sources. This is how you pay off thugs and criminals – in cash. If they weren’t thugs and criminals, they would take a check or a wire. Obama says it was part of the payment of $1.7 billion owed to Iran that Iran had claimed we owed them. Iran says it was ransom for hostages. It occurred roughly within 24 hours of the release of 4 American Hostages, so let’s stop the lies Obama and Hillary, and call it was it is: Ransom for US Hostages. And let’s be clear about what this has done: It has placed US citizens at much higher risk throughout the world. In other words, a continuation of the gaffs and failures of the Obama/Hillary foreign policies, making the US weaker and weaker in the eyes of both our enemies and our friends.

The official US policy on hostage taking of Americans is that we will not make ANY CONCESSIONS, INCLUDING PAY NO RANSOM to anyone that takes Americans hostage. Iran has already very recently taken even more Americans hostage and guess what they’re doing? Asking for $2 billion! Surprise! It appears that Obama’s violation of long standing US policy has done EXACTLY what was feared by the intelligent people that put it in place: The taking of even more Americans hostages.

It is clear that this Presidents legacy of failures in foreign policies continues to get worse and worse.

Media Bias: Think of what the media would do with this if a Republican President had done it. The media would crucify him to the point of asking for his resignation or calling for Impeachment. Watch though, as the media takes sides with Obama and Hillary in this case, and tries to sweep this one under the rug.

Republican Congress: Do SOMETHING about this, damn it. If you let this one slide, you’re blowing it. Donald, take them to the mat on this one. Drive this one home.  


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