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Hillary's (Most Recent) Criminal Enterprise

Hillary's (Most Recent) Criminal Enterprise


Connecting All the Dots


The Players:

·         The Lieutenants: Huma Abedin/Cheryl Mills/Doug Bond/Loretta Lynch/James Coumy

·         The Clinton Foundation

·         Teneo

·         State Department

·         Bill and Hillary Speaking Fee’s

·         Hillary Victory Fund

The Game:

In its most basic form, it’s a scheme which was enabled by Obama’s deal with Hillary back in 2008 when Hillary agreed to step aside and support Obama IN EXCHANGE FOR A DEAL – he will make her Secretary of State. That enabled Hillary and Bill to essentially sell access to the State Department, one of the most powerful government agencies on earth. To SELL the vast number of things that it has control over, to foreign countries, corporations, and wealthy individuals. But since outright selling of access and favors would be illegal, you have to find a way to do it so that it skirts the law. The way to do that is to make people donate vast sums of money to the Clinton Foundation, pay Bill and Hillary unusually large “speaking fees”, and have those donors donate even more to the Hillary Victory Fund, all of which are legal. If you do donate, then you get access to State Department. If you donate A LOT OF MONEY, you get Hillary to push through your arms deal, or get whatever multi-billion dollar concession you need from the US government.

The beauty of the Clinton Foundation and the Hillary Victory Fund and Teneo all these entities that they constructed and are involved in is that they aren’t audited. Nobody is watching the money. The Clintons can put anyone they want on the payroll, and they can live the high life…all paid for by the Clinton Foundation. 5 Star luxury hotels, housing around the world, private jets, the finest meals, the finest of everything. Money, power, the high life. Hillary must be so proud of herself. She created the deal with Obama, she put the right soldiers in place to sell the scheme to the international thug community, and she gets to live the life of a Billionaire without ever having created one private sector job in her life. She also gets a government pension and health care for life along with Secret Service protection...for life. 

But in order to hide the magnitude of the scheme, you can’t have all of the communication surrounding this scheme on a government server, you have to have your own server, one that you can control, one that you can have wiped clean by BleachBit, a digital “shredder’, so that you can effectively HIDE your activities. There is no other reason to use BleachBit unless you truly don’t want anyone to ever see what you wrote in your emails. You certainly don’t want anyone to ever see that Huma Abedin, who was being paid by the State Department, AND the Clinton Foundation, AND Teneo ALL AT THE SAME TIME, was sending people to the Clinton Foundation in order to give tons of money, then those people magically were granted access to Hillary at the State Department, who then magically approved what they wanted…including the selling of 20% of the USA’s Uranium Mining rights to a company 100% now controlled by Vladimir Putin. That's right kids, you heard me. She sold 20% of ALL the uranium that comes out of the ground in the United States to Vladimir Putin. What? Along the way, the Company that arranged all this was Teneo, and it paid Bill a lot of money, and it arranged for Bill to get paid a lot of money for speaking in Russia - around $2-3 million - and the Clinton Foundation got around $16 million (or so) donated to it by the Russians. In total, this deal happened because of a total of around $145 million donated to the Clinton Foundation or its entities or Bill and Hillary personally. About four months after all of that happened, the State Department - headed by Hillary at the time - approved the deal for the uranium. Magic. But not a coincidence, as Hillary will tell you it was. Hillary doesn't deny the contributions, she claims that were giving her too much credit, that there were 11 other agencies that had to opine on the deal so it wasn't just her. Ya - But I bet they didn't get $145 million given to them personally in order to APPROVE it, which is what you did Hillary. You were the approval party. They weren't. You got the money. They didn't. 

So, the money rolls into the Clinton Foundation, which is really humming. I mean everyone all around the world is jumping on this opportunity. Hey, they give to the Foundation, they get what they want from the State Department, and Hillary will likely be President, so they get Presidential access later, it’s all good. The biggest terrorist States in the world are giving like crazy to the Clinton Foundation. Every global thug that wants to get access to our future President is giving, and low and behold, the Clintons wake up one day and have $2 billion in the foundation. In 2013 they brought in $140 million and only did $9 million of charitable work. The rest went to cover the payroll littered with their supporters and cover up artists through the years, and the lifestyle of private jets and such.  The well-respected charity watch group Charity Navigator refuses to even rate the Clinton Foundation due to its “atypical business model”. That’s such a genius way of saying “We think this might be a scam”. LMAO.

But how do the Clintons protect themselves from an accident? How do they make sure that even if they are caught, they will get off Scott free? Simple. Enter supporting players Loretta Lynch and her boy at the FBI, James Coumy. They do the cover up work. They refuse to investigate, or when they do investigate, it’s a SHAM investigation and they make the “determination” that there’s no crime and therefore, they won’t prosecute. And so there’s the insurance. The most powerful lawyer and investigator in our government, the Attorney General and the Director of the FBI, are bought and paid for by the Clintons.

And why do they do the cover up, why do they do the dirty work for this crime family? First, they know how many people around the Clintons have died in the past and it’s a scary number. So many in “strange” circumstances. Second, they know that if they just protect the Clintons, they will get a shiny job at the Clinton Foundation for being a good soldier, and be set for life. It pays to cover things up for the Clintons. It doesn’t if you cross them. They are a cancer to the USA and if we let them come into the White House again, with their criminal schemes and the selling of America to the highest bidder, then shame on us all. 


Appendix of Scandals

I thought it might be valuable to list just some of the older crimes and scandals that have been attached to the Clintons. Can you see a pattern? The one pattern I see most commonly in all of these is that lots of files and emails go missing around the Clintons, one way or another.

·         Whitewater. Most voters don’t even remember what that was, but in essence, it was yet another cover up of a scam the Clintons were involved in to make money. When Vince Foster mysteriously was found dead, his office had been ransacked – at Hillary’s urging – and the files were brought to her where she put them in a safe in the White House, then turned them over to her personal attorney. They have never opened them up for anyone to see. This first big scandal is where we first saw all the tenacity of the Clintons to lie their way through anything, to lie to federal investigators, to the American people and to Congress. Kenneth Starr drafted an impeachment referral to the House of Representatives in 1997 alleging there was substantial and credible evidence that Bill Clinton had committed perjury. It was here that another dubious honor belongs to the Clintons: It’s the first time in history that a First Lady has been subpoenaed to testify before a grand jury. A whole bunch of people went to jail on this deal, and those that protected the Clintons by refusing to cooperate with the investigation, were later pardoned by Bill Clinton in his last hours as President.

·         Monica Lewinsky which led to only the second President in History to be impeached.

·         The lies and cover ups related to Benghazi.

·         Selling of the Lincoln bedroom in the White House to donors – as if the place was a hotel – the first time we let these Arkansas thief’s into the White House.

·         The attempted stealing of White House furniture and property that was donated to the White House while they were President and First Lady. They eventually had to give some of it back.

·         Travelgate, where Hillary fired all the travel office employees at the White House and gave the job (and the money) to friends

·         Pardongate – where Presidential pardons appear to have been “sold” to the highest bidders

·         Filegate I – where Rose Law Firm files went missing in order to protect Hillary and Bill

·         Filegate II where the Clintons used the IRS to dig up dirt on opponents

·         Hillary’s unexplainable success in trading cattle futures

·         Vince Foster’s death, which, at the very least, was a result of Hillary’s treatment of the man,

The strange deaths of so many people around the Clintons

Voting for Hillary

Obama and Hillary Lie About Progress on Terror