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ObamaCare Imploding

Another Failed Progressive Program Will Cost Taxpayers Billions


ObamaCare has not worked for insurers, consumers and certainly not for taxpayers that will be footing the bill for around $170 billion (according to the National Review) to bail this disaster out in this decade.

As we approach the November election, most of the top insurance companies involved in ObamaCare are bailing out as fast as they can. Hey – they’re not obligated to lose billions and billions of dollars for some endless period of time! In fact, ObamaCare has been such a massive failure, a pack of lies told to BOTH the American people and the insurers by the Obama Administration, that the insurers are SUEING the Health and Human Services to recoup losses…the promised subsidies they were told they would get for going through the first 3 years of the program and taking losses. And the suits are just starting, trust me. The sad part is that the consumer, the one that Obama said he was really going to be helping here, is going to get screwed, and soon. The insurers have said that since they are not being paid, and since the program is apparently not working even close to what was promised, they will simple increase the premiums massively on all participants. Hey – they’re in business for profit…I don’t blame them one bit. They were sold a bill of goods by Obama, and so were the American people.

By the way, I don’t remember being asked to vote on this ObamaCare issue, so once again, we can thank the Progressive liberal left elite for simply deciding that this is what’s best for us and jamming it down our throats.

Well I think you and I both know that this simply means that people drop out of the program, and we are right back to where we were before the whole mess started…. 

Once again, the Central Government cure for all has failed. Surprise! We tried to tell you, but y’all wouldn’t listen. Progressive con men think that every problem in society has a central government solution. (They really don’t, but they like to sell idiots on this because this is how they gain control over money and your lives.) Nobody (except communist radical Obama himself) is more bent on having a Centralized “communist” style government than radical Hillary Clinton who basically authored the first version of ObamaCare. Listen to her speeches right now. Her solutions to jobs…spend $25 billion on infrastructure to create jobs. Those aren’t REAL jobs, Hillary! These are just another social program! A real job is a job created by the private sector because the business is growing and succeeding and needs more good people, not a government job that is propped up on the backs of the US taxpayer! That’s just not a real job. Hillary’s solution to failed public education? Spend billions. Her solution to drug addiction? Spend $10 billion. Make college affordable? $350 billion. Make clean energy - $60 billion. Affordable preschool? $75 billion.

In total, her “solutions” will cost $1 Trillion dollars and will tax Americans an additional $1 trillion dollars. So more taxes and more Federal spending is the plan Hillary brings to the table. (McClatchy DC – Analysis of Clintons 17 proposals to date and the Committee for a Responsible Federal Budget).

None of the solutions of the Left have worked. Our poverty rate is exploding, cities are being gutted and are becoming urban wastelands, jobs ARE leaving the country, taxes are WAY too high and regulations are WAY too burdensome to motivate anyone to start a business, bring a business here, or to hire people.

In an economy that actually works, the vast majority of jobs are provided to people by a healthy private sector, not a bloated and growing government sector. What we have allowed the Progressive/Communist/Socialist Left to do to our country over the last several years is create an economy that is increasingly dependent upon government spending. The notion of having a private sector that can get along without government spending is not in the vocabulary of the Democrat/Progressives, but it actually should be the GOAL of America.


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