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Black Lives Don't Matter...to Democrats

Slavery comes in many forms. If I can force you to vote for me because you fear me, or I can make you fear the uncertainty of an existence without me, then I can enslave you. This psychological truth is why battered women stay in their toxic relationships to a large extent. A woman whom is told she is worthless, can’t make it on her own, will never find anyone to care for or love her, who is routinely beaten for stepping out of line, not keeping things clean enough, not having dinner ready…she will stay in that relationship.

Black people in the largest cities of America are slaves to the Democrats and Progressives. They are the battered women, used by their “master”, the Progressives, for voting power. They live in fear that if they don’t vote for the Democrats, the Republicans might win and take away all their free stuff like welfare, food stamps, free phones, free cash (Earned Income Tax Credit). This fear is routinely pounded into them at rally’s, functions, social gatherings, churches, etc.

It’s bigotry at the highest level. It shows black people no respect. To tell someone that they won’t be able to make it without them is arrogant and is designed to manipulate votes…and that’s all. Its evil to denigrate another human being and tell them that they’re worthless unless they do what you say, vote how you tell them to vote. And that is precisely what the Democrats and Progressives do and have done for 6 decades.

Will black people wise up and see that after 50+ years of living in cities controlled by Democrats, they are worse off than ever? Will black people wake up to the fact that having 3, going on 4 generations of their families NEVER WORK A DAY IN THEIR LIVES has kept them enslaved and in poverty…simply so the Democrats can keep them on a leash, instill fear in them, and get them to vote Democratic by telling them how much worse it would be with Republicans?

You don’t lift people up by keeping them enslaved. It’s really that simple. You don’t enhance a persons sense of self-worth by keeping them on food stamps. You don’t increase the quality of a child’s education by FORCING them to stay in horrible schools, you do it by giving their parents a choice. Parents know what to do for their kids, they know which schools are horrible and which will help lift their children up and teach them, allowing them to dream big dreams and go out into the world and do incredible things. Why then, to the Democrats like the Mayor of New York, and throughout California - for example at the LA Unified School District - where they have declared war on Charter Schools and are waging that war in every way they can. They’re threatened by Charter Schools. The publicschool systems put out propaganda articles to try to “knock” the Charter schools by calling them profiteers, and run by big money, and “in it for the buck”, etc. But there are 150,000 kids on waiting lists for Charter schools in California alone. Why? Because they work. Its clear parents want them. You cannot deny outright demand as evidenced by people standing in line for something. You just can’t. And who cares if it’s a for profit institution? If that’s what works for the children, so be it! The parents aren’t paying for it, our tax dollars are paying for it! So giving money to a school that generates a higher graduation rate at a more efficient cost, then that’s GOOD, not BAD. Giving money to a public school system that is failing is stupid. Taking money away from the public schools system that is failing is just and deserved!

So why would Democrats and the entrenched public school administrators try so hard to defeat Charter schools, which do a much better job for much less money? Why would they fight to put an initiative on the ballot in California that would OUTLAW charter schools if passed? Because the public schools lose Federal money if enrollment drops. They lose money if children opt out of the public schools and go to a school where they learn something, are safe, and can learn to read and write and find hope for the future. Charter schools threaten the status quo, and when you do that, the status quo loses their minds trying to hold onto their power, money, and jobs. For them it is not about what is working, what is best for kids, what is best for families.

For Democrats, public school teachers, the Teachers Union, and Progressives that started the whole public school system, its about power and money. Its not about what’s best for the kids. It makes you sick to think that a politician would choose to back the crooked teachers union over what is best for the kids, but that’s what the Democrats and Progressive so every time.   

The public schools systems across America are clearly broken in our major cities and have done an amazingly good job of PROVING that they do not work. But instead of confronting that FACT, and doing something about it, Democrats and Progressives don’t want to lose votes. They want the Teachers Unions to back them. So they prevent solutions that are in the best interests of children and families, and they keep the black person enslaved in yet another way.

Hillary wants to outlaw Charter schools because she wants the teachers union votes. Trump wants Charter schools to flourish and grow because they work. It’s one of his top priorities.



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