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Simple Solutions to Voter Fraud and Social Program Abuse

Get a Passport!

Problem number one: Voter fraud. It’s a pretty well known fact that there is rampant voter fraud, mostly run by the big democratic machines in the poor and immigrant cities of the US. Our judicial system has a remedy for this, and it’s simple. The case goes to court, and if found guilty, a citizen voting illegally is guilty of a misdemeanor. If a non-citizen is found guilty, they are guilty of a felony. HOWEVER, since the Department of Justice, run by Loretta “the Incompetent One” Lynch doesn’t’ prosecute ANYTHING that the Democrats Hillary and Obama like, including voter fraud, which helps increase their voter base, we can’t rely upon our current judicial remedies.

SOLUTION: GET A PASSPORT. Any person wishing to vote in any election in the United States, must be prepared to show, at the polling station, a valid passport or other valid and verifiable proof of citizenship.

Now, the Democrats oppose this type of “regulation” with the reason being that it causes too much of a hardship on the poor (who are largely Democrats) and that it is therefore discriminatory. Well, let me just say this: If they were told that in order to get food stamps, they would have to get a passport, I guarantee you they would find a way to get a passport within 30 days. Passports cost $135 according to the Department of State. Not costly. But that might be a lot of money to some, so here’s what I propose. A waiver of the fee to those that qualify (the poor) and that way, at least we know that the people that are voting from now on are citizens.  Starting in the next election, no passport, no right to vote. No exceptions.

Problem number two: Tax money from US Citizens being paid out to non-citizens. It’s a bit offensive to know that there are literally millions of illegal residents of the US living here off of our tax money. This is not right. Since when did we as tax payers sign up to be the providers of charity to the world? We didn’t. But that is what the liberal left has done to us. They’ve stolen our money, through the tax system, and redistributed it to those people that they can get to vote for the liberal agenda (Democrats) by making sure that they don’t have to prove they are citizens in order to get paid welfare, food stamps, health care, and all the rest.

SOLUTION: GET A PASSPORT. I think all of us would agree that if there is a person in need that is ALSO A US CITIZEN, we would want to help them get back on their feet.

So my proposal is, if you are a citizen of the United States, and you can prove it by getting a passport, then you can qualify for welfare, food stamps, subsidized housing, and all the rest. If you can’t show that you’re a US Citizen, then you can’t. It’s that simple. This would eliminate a huge amount of money being paid to non-citizens, something none of us signed up for in the first place, and leave more money for those that are citizens. And if you want that welfare check or those free food stamps, then become a citizen legally, and then you will qualify for it. Better yet, become a citizen, get a job, contribute something to society, pay some taxes yourself, and you’ll start to feel just like the rest of us that have always paid our taxes. 

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