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Kathleen Kane Democratic Attorney General Convicted - Nine Counts Criminal Perjury

Sets Stage for a Hillary Clinton Perjury Trial?

Kathleen Kane, Democratic Attorney Generalof Pensylvania, is found guilty on nine criminal counts of perjury the other day. Kane, who was elected Attorney General in 2012, took office in 2013 and promptly filed for divorce against her husband who obviously helped her achieve her position. Nice move Kathleen. Payback is a bitch Kathleen, and her name is Karma.

More importantly, does this perjury conviction of a high ranking Democrat in a key swing state set the stage for a perjury trial against Hillary? I think it does. Why should Hillary get a pass on lying to Congress and Kathleen Kane is convicted when she lied to a Grand Jury? Neither are good, but lying to Congress while you’re Secretary of State is one heck of a lot higher level of lying than lying to a Grand Jury wouldn’t you think? Does it benefit Trump in his race for PA? I think it might if he can tie the twoliars together, Kane and Clinton, and serve them up in a nice perjury dinner for the public to digest.

Although the cases are entirely different, the charges are the same, and the burden of proof is also the same. Hillary obviously lied to the American people, but there’s apparently no law against that. There is a law against lying to Congress, however, particularly when you’re testifying under oath. And Congress has recently asked the Justice Department to investigate charging Hillary with perjury in her testimony before Congress relating to the Benghazi disaster in which she lied about a video, she lied about not knowing it was a terrorist attack, and she tried to cover up her failure to respond to Americans under fire while she was Secretary of State.

Given what we’ve seen recently at the Justice Department, which appears to be bent on covering up Clinton’s lies, she might get away with it. The US Attorney for the District of Columbia – the person that has to decide whether to investigate and prosecute the case – is Hon. Channing Phillips. Appointed in October 2015 by none other than President Obama, the deck appears to be stacked already in Clinton’s favor. Doesn’t matter what the Clinton’s, they’ve got Phillips on their side, and of course, let us not forget who Channing Phillips’ boss is…Loretta Lynch, whom has stonewalled Congress on behalf of the Clintons and Obama since her appointment. Lynch, as you know, owes HER career to an appointment she landed years ago…and the person who appointed her? Bill Clinton. You may recall that Lynch met with Bill on the tarmack in Arizona right before Hillary was allowed to skate without being charged in the email scandal, even though FBI found that she lied over and over again AND was extremely reckless. It has become apparent now that Loretta Lynch guided the FBI NOT to allow the FBI to question Hillary about her testimony before Congress. This is the key reason she skated. The FBI could NOT recommend a prosecution if the scope of their investigation was limited in such a way…and Lynch knew this. I mean, you could almost feel the pain for FBI Director Coumy. It was on his face as he spoke. And when he was pulled before Congress, he gave Congress the roadmap for how to get Hillary for perjury.

This letter send on July 11, 2016 to Channing Phillips is the start of Congress trying to pin Hillary down and nail her for her lies. With Lynch and Phillips sleeping with the enemy, its hard to imagine that anything will come of it.

The bigger issue all of this brings to light is the way Washington works and how far from the ideals of fairness we have strayed in the judicial branch of our government. The system is supposed to work equally for all. The scales of justice…is the emblem of the justice department. But when our leaders can appoint shills and lackeys, cronies and crooks, members of their “gang”, into offices like Attorney General, where the right hand of the Clinton Mafia currently resides, all that appears to be important is maintaining the optics of justice while really working hard to cover up for your criminal lying bosses. 

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