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Hillary: Head of $2 Billion Crime Family

Latest Emails Reveal Truth: Hillary Ran Scheme to Make People Pay Clinton Foundation for Access to State Department While She Was Secretary of State


There is no way that this should go unpunished. This is outrageous behavior, it is reminiscent of what leaders in 3rd world countries and dictatorships have done for years, however Hillary and Bill Clinton have now brought these disgusting tactics to our highest levels of government under the Obama administration, whom has tried to cover it up since it first broke as a possible story.

The latest revealing email comes only after Judicial Watch had to SUE THE STATE DEPARTMENT (Run by Clinton cover up artist Attorney General Loretta Lynch), to get the emails released. In this group of emails, Huma Abedin at the State Department, the number one Hillary Clinton assistant, exchanges emails with Dough Band at the Clinton Foundation. In this exchange, it becomes clear that Hillary Clinton refused overtures from Crown Prince Salman of Bahrain for a meeting when he went directly to the State Department, and instead, directed him to the Clinton Foundation, where by 2010 he gave $32 million to the Clinton Global Initiative, made $50-$100,000 directly to the Clinton Foundation, and Bahrain Petroleum give an additional $50-$100,000 directly to the Clinton Foundation. After this, the Crown Prince had a meeting arranged within 48 hours with Hillary Clinton.

Let’s be clear. This is a criminal scheme. It is illegal for a person in high public office to “sell” access to him or herself for personal financial gain. The Clintons directly and personally gain from donations to the Clinton Foundation as they own it, they receive money from it, it can and does pay for some of their expenses and probably pays for private jets and homes/hotels/apartment all over the world. It is also used as a vehicle to pay off people whom have been loyal to the Clintons and “taken a fall” for them.

The Clintons are disgusting in their actions. Young readers should be aware that they first came on the national scene and disgusted the American people in the 1990’s when they first hit the White House and Bill lied to the American people and was Impeached, making him one of only 2 Presidents in United States history to have been impeached…Andrew Johnson in 1868 and Bill Clinton. Wow. Bill wasn’t put on trial for having affairs, he was put on trial for lying - something the Clintons apparently do on a regular, almost constant basis.  

If they gain access to the White House again, it will be like the 1990’s again, and a whole new generation of people will be disgusted with what happens, trust me. Only this time we will really be made to pay. Hillary will see to that. Her hunger for power and money will be drive an emboldened grab for capital, and they will leave the Presidency worth hundreds of billions. They will sell out our country in every way imaginable, which will just be a continuation of what they have started with the Clinton Foundation to date.  Don’t forget that when they left the White House last time, Hillary and Bill took $190,000 of furniture, rugs, chairs, an ottoman, kitchen table, lamps, etc. Hillary claimed that the records were messed up at the White House (sure they were) and that they thought these were all personal gifts meant for them, not the White House, which is a national park. Well, what happened is that they ran a scam then, too. It went like this: Let’s have a special “redecoration project” for the White House, then, when we leave, we keep the good stuff people donated for ourselves! Unfortunately, the National Parks people don’t keep bad records, they contacted the donors, and the Clintons were required to return a portion of the furniture they had absconded with. Just another disgusting event in a long line of them from the Clinton’s but very illustrative of the “Red Neck Tacky Sh*t Show” that the Clintons bring to us on a regular basis.


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