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Hillary Lies About Being A Liar!

If it were anyone but a Clinton, it would sound ridiculous, but we have come to expect the absurd, the outrageous, and the insane when it comes to the Clintons, especially from the mastermind of the whole ring of thieves from the very beginning, the one that is really the pure evil, Hillary. (Tip: Don’t look straight into her eyes, she might steal your soul.)

Today, she put a lie ON TOP of a lie. She topped off her poor showing at the disastrous DNC by saying to the American people, on national television, that the FBI Director said she was truthful. This is a classic Clinton move whereby the parsing of words and the limitation of the context allows her to somehow spin what the FBI Director really said – that she was a liar in more than one case – into the exact opposite! She is a true believer that if she tells the lie often enough, enough people will be stupid enough to believe her.  One has to remain vigilant against such a person as they are evil, untruthful, and highly dangerous.

Hillary heard the FBI say she was truthful. Everyone else heard the FBI Director state that many of the things she said under oath and to the American people outside of the FBI questioning, were in fact untrue and were lies. You see, the FBI was very careful not to ask her certain questions. Their questioning was very, very limited, by design. Comey was directed by his boss, Loretta “the incompetent” Lynch, to limit his questioning severely, making him walk the very thin line between showing that they were actually doing their job by investigating (although it was a rigged sham of an investigation), and yet at the same time give Loretta Lynch the ability to say that they weren’t able to bring charges. Lynch’s goal: allow Clinton to get off while putting on enough of a show with the rigged investigation to placate the American people.   

Now you see how slippery Hillary can be. She is a master of the spin, trying to spin what the FBI director said in the narrowest possible way to make herself look good, then pivoting to her normal talking points such as how she’s always under attack from the right for no good reason, and that we should look instead at how untrustworthy Donald Trump is. She is a master of changing the direction of the discussion, taking the focus off the direct questions about HER CRIMINAL ACTIONS and misdirecting you. As I’ve said in a previous piece, we could have a video of Hillary beating a gay black man to death and kicking his poodle and she would just get on television the next day telling us that what we saw was something else entirely, and half of the numtards in the US would believe her instead of their own two eyes!

When Donald Trump says the system is rigged, and the fix is in, you don’t have to like him, but you have to think about how maybe he’s right. The fix was in with the DOJ on Clintons email server investigation, the fix was in with the DNC and its conspiracy with Clinton to ruin Bernie’s chance at the Presidency, and the media has been brought into the fix by portraying Hillary in the best light possible…and this is not small feat,. In order to do this, they had to make sure to edit out the demonstrations at the DNC, not show the almost violent protests by the Bernie supporters, and literally ignore the DNC’s obvious rigging of the system against Bernie. There is a large number of people that want her to be held accountable for acts so outrageous that you or I would be in jail if we did them. This is what Trump and Bernie, too, were talking about when they said that the system is corrupt, the system is rigged and fixed.

I have a 15 year old daughter that believed in Bernie and what he was doing. Hey, I don’t agree with her, but I love her intelligence and her passion. Bernie connected with her in a big way and it made me take a hard look at what he was all about, and it wasn’t all bad. But after all of this, the collusion smells so bad, from the DOJ to the DNC to CNN, that I doubt she will ever have the ability to trust the system.  It’s sad when a 15 year old loses respect for what are supposed to be law abiding adult leaders of our nation, but that’s what has happened.



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