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Hillary's Health

As my friends in the South say, “that girl just ain’t right in the head”. It’s a semi-polite way of saying that someone is mentally “off” without being specific about it. But now the Trump campaign is rightfully pointing out what the Democrats have long been trying to hide. Something’s not right with Hillary. And they’re right. Her health is terrible. And this matters for someone that wants to take probably the toughest, most stressful job in the world.

Blood clots, multiple instances of falling down, stumbling, tripping, what looks like many mini-seizures, with her head bobbling strangely, hundreds of coughing fits that she blames on “talking all day”, trouble swallowing, garbled speech. She has recently admitted to “short-circuiting”, which could be her way of unintentionally admitting that she has a neurological issue.

A source at the Secret Service contacted Alex Jones – a talk show host – and said to them that they know she has Parkinson’s disease. She can barely make it up a set of stairs to a normal American house, the Secret Service spent $250,000 to add a special step to her vehicles because she can’t step up into a normal car. Signs of some kind of neurological issues. A person with this can have a seizure triggered by multiple camera flashes or lots of external stimuli coming at the same time.

2012 – Blood Clot in Brain from fall where she hit her head back in 2012. Post-concussion syndrome is a possible result, and a Jacksonian seizure – her head bobbling strangely -  . She won’t give press conferences because this type of seizure is triggered by several people talking to you at the same time or any multiple external stimuli being thrown at a person at once…which is what happens at press conferences. This is why when she recently gave a press conference, it was limited to two pre-authorized questions…not really a press conference, right?

Strange and extreme facial ticks and exaggerated movements, crazy eye movement. Over reactions to external stimuli. Reports she can barely stand up after giving a speech. Reports she is exhausted after a speech and has to go to her room and sit down. Video showing she needs help getting up the last steps of a stairway, video showing her falling down multiple times, video showing her losing her balance multiple times, her refusal to do press conferences. The very weird and protracted coughing fits, the strange faces she makes, odd lesions on her tongue, difficulty swallowing,  choking, a garbled voice, spontaneous outburst of laughter that go on for longer than is socially comfortable or normal…all signs and indications of aftereffects of head trauma issues according to doctors.

An unstable personality, with sudden outbursts of rage, paranoia, screaming, childlike tantrums with staffers according to her former Secret Service detail members. Whenever she is challenged, she reacts with rage, attacking those that disagree with her until she has broken them down to tears, and appears to have no empathy for other people. Psychologist call what she has is a kind of “emotional illiteracy” which prevents her ability to connect with people authentically. Her radical Muslim assistant, Huma Abedin, testifying when questioned that she is often confused, has memory lapses, leading some to say that there is cognitive impairment. Some say she is on the verge of having a breakdown from the stress.  

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