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Brazil - Go F*ck Yourself!

With the Rio Olympic Games coming to a close, Brazil has decided to yank our swimmers off airplanes and make a big deal out of some story they told about being robbed. I guess Brazil is a bit butt-hurt about their image, and want to prove that our guys lied. Personally, I don’t care if they did.

Get over yourself Brazil.

Your country is a shameful dump. It is filthy, it is dirty, its’ like an open sewer. You ought to be ashamed that you’ve taken one of the most beautiful places on earth and allowed it to become a cesspool. The Olympic Games venues were crap. They were a dump. We had to come in there with private money and basically build the damn Olympic city ourselves at the last minute in order to get the training facilities and venues ready for the Games, because you were so lame you couldn’t do it. The world had to fly in 85,000 security people to try to keep the visitors and athletes safe. And that still didn’t prevent your broke-ass resident criminals from coming into the area and robbing tourists and athletes. So much so that many teams told their athletes that they couldn’t leave their rooms, that they shouldn’t leave the Village, etc. In other words, quarantine them from visiting the city and seeing the sights. Shameful.

Now you are forcing our Olympic athletes to stay in your dump of a country to testify about what “really” happened? Let's not forget how you got your reputation in the first place. Your crime is out of control, during the Olympics LOTS of tourists got held up and pick pocketed and mugged and such, so let our athletes out of your country and: 

Brazil – Go F*ck Yourself! 


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