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Loretta Lynch Must Go!!!

Loretta Lynch Must Go!!!

Loretta Lynch Must Go!!!


Here is the headline from THE BLAZE Network today.


Report: FBI Wanted an Investigation Into the Clinton Foundation — But the Justice Department Declined


So now here we are, a few months after Hillary skates without indictment, even though the FBI stated that she was reckless, that she lied to the American people about her email servers, the number of devices, etc. It has now become quite clear to those without blinders on, that the REASON Hillary used multiple devices, unsecure devices, used an email server that was unsecure, was to HIDE HER “PAY TO PLAY” program that she masterminded in order to get rich by selling out America. She wanted to control that server so that she could have her lawyers DELETE ANY BAD EMAILS at a later date if necessary, which is exactly what was done.

Now that the FBI has uncovered the scheme, they went to the Department of Justice earlier this year with a request to investigate the Clinton Foundation…which many believe is where the real crime exists…yet they were denied the approval to investigate by Loretta Lynch. Remember it was Lynch that also couldn’t find anything wrong with Hillary’s email server issue either, even though the FBI found that she lied…on multiple occasions and about multiple things! Remember this is also the Loretta Lynch that met with Bill Clinton while the DOJ was supposedly investigating his wife, then only days later, Hillary is given a “pass” by the DOJ.

Why is there a Department of Justice if the person running that department is really just a “shill” and “cover up artist” for the administration? It’s become a joke! First Eric Holder with Obama, and now Loretta Lynch with Clinton.  They don’t even try to hide it. They’re doing it right in front of our faces! Shame on us, shame on Congress, for allowing this “sh*t show from Arkansas” continue! How can you vote for a woman that is said, by almost all of those that know her, to be a “congenital liar”? How can you look your children in the face and say that this woman deserves to be President?

Let me just pas along a real warning. When the farmer stops making sure the hen house is secure, the Fox will surely let himself in and feast. Y’all are about to let Hillary the Fox into the hen house, and you will pay the price for it my friends. She will rape and plunder our country like a third world dictator, and leave office a multi-billionaire. The Clinton Foundation will have $100 billion in it and will pay Hillary and Bill and daughter huge salaries, pay for their private jets around the world and own their mansions throughout the world…all paid for by “The Selling of America", by Bill and Hillary Clinton. They’re writing the book now…and you’re watching it. Worse - Republicans in Congress are letting it happen. 

It's time for one heck of a shake up in Government and the Republicans won't do it. I think the only hope America has is an outsider that speaks his mind, even if you don't like him. You don't have to like him. You have to care more about America and your kids and the America that they will have to live in. 


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