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Why Hillary Will Win

It isn’t because Trump is a bad candidate, although he isn’t a great one. Much of what is being said about Trump was said about Reagan, and our country needed Reagan, and it probably needs Trump right now. An outsider that will shake things up and give Americans a sense of pride which the previous administration has destroyed internally and which has devalued our countries stature on the world stage, losing the respect of our enemies and the trust of our friends internationally.

No Republican on that stage of 18 candidates had a chance. The Democrats have the advantage of not being weighed down by any rules. They can lie, use voter fraud, illegal immigration, a rigged media, a rigged Department of Justice, and a set of rules of engagement from Alinsky that promote fear among the poor to keep them voting Democrat, promote the use of lies to gain power, then once in power, simply do whatever you want. Take from the “have’s” and give to the “have nots” according to Alinsky. These tactics, their freedom from having a conscious and their ability to drive votes through fear and illegal means, will allow them to win. Republicans don’t have an answer to these tactics. When Republicans try to prosecute and use the justice system to right the wrongs, they run into Loretta Lynch, who won’t prosecute the Clinton's or Obama for anything. When they try to go to the media to voice what they see happening, the media doesn’t cover it – they, too, are Clinton and Obama lovers. The only power they have is to try to remain a majority in Congress and vote down the onslaught of Democratic bills that pound on their agenda, to eventually control every aspect of our lives and remove from us real freedom and liberty.

Here’s why the Republicans have no chance:

1.      A rigged Media. The media has evolved into an extension of the Democratic Party, except for a few media outfits. No matter what Hillary does, no matter what the facts point to, no matter how bad it smells of corruption and deceit and that the lies are on video, the Leftist Media ignores it, buries it, eliminates the story within a day, no matter how brazen the lie, no matter how obvious the deceit, no matter how corrupt the act.

2.      A rigged Justice Department. It doesn’t matter what the circumstance, since Obama came to office, the Department of Justice and the Attorney General that runs it will not prosecute its beloved Democratic bosses. In a perfect world, the person charged with the mantle of Attorney General of the United States would operate in a way that is neutral to politics, prosecute peolle that do bad things, but that stopped long ago with Eric Holder, Obama’s Attorney General, who was removed from office and found guilty of lying to Congress. Obama and the Clintons use the Attorney General as a pawn, like they do with everyone else, and they make them take the heat for what they’ve done AFTER they cover up the Clinton’s crimes and messes. They used the IRS to attack conservative tax payers and non-profits as a scheme to intimidate and oppress anyone that is giving to or generating a voice in opposition to their own. Nothing came of that except a few people lost jobs, falling on their swords to protect Obama. Now we have Loretta Lynch as Attorney General, who is obviously a Clinton lover, a master at obfuscating the truth, a master at covering for the Clintons, a master at saying lots of words that say nothing to Congress but never answering a simple direct question with a straight answer. She owes her career to Bill Clinton, after all. So even though Hillary has lied to the FBI, the Attorney General Lynch won’t prosecute or investigate anything related to the lies or the obvious deletion of 33,000 emails, or the national security she tossed overboard with her email server. And the reason that she used a server only SHE controlled was to cover up how she was enriching herself and her husband through foreign donations to the Clinton Foundation. This MAY be being investigated by the FBI right now – Director Coumy won’t say, as per policy. Many think that this is where the real crimes lay. Influence peddling on the grandest scale where foreign countries and companies around the world donate money to the Foundation while Hillary is Secretary of State, and possibly while she is running for President. The game is simple: Give money to the Clinton Foundation, and/or hire Bill to give a speech for $500,000 or $2 million, and then whatever you’re looking to accomplish – a contract with that has to be approved by the State Department for example – will be looked upon favorably.  The real question is whether this is illegal. It stinks without a doubt. There is probably a law against it, but the proof that the law was broken probably rests somewhere in the 33,000 emails that Hillary deleted from her illegal server. No other politicians in history have taken what amounts to bribes while in office without paying a price when they are caught. Just the thought that it might have happened would have caused most people that care about the USA to step aside for the good of the nation. Not Hillary. After all, no matter what, they push on. Nothing else matters except winning and staying in power and staying in the White House.   

3.      Voter Fraud + Illegal Immigration. There are hundreds of voter fraud cases brought to the DOJ every year. Under Obama, according Joel Gilbert, producer of "There's No Place Like Utopia", a documentary on our nation, NOT ONE HAS BEEN PROSECUTED. The Democrats idea is to get illegal immigrants into the country – as many as possible – then give them welfare, get them registered to vote, and get them to vote Democrat. The more the merrier. Once you get them here and get them hooked on the “crack cocaine” of our government welfare and other subsidies, you have their vote. It’s a trick the Democrats have been using for a long time, and it works. The Democrats are desperate for this fresh blood because as people spend more and more time here, such as third generation Latino's, they don't see themselves as Latino's, they see themselves as Americans, and they lose a lot of them. They don't buy into the Democrats bullshit anymore. 

4.      Highest poverty level in our country’s history since Great Depression. Since Obama came to office, some additional 9 million people are on food stamps. There are now more than 15% of all people in the United States on food stamps. This is great for the Democrats, as they use fear to get and keep the vote among the poor. They tell them, if you don’t vote for us, the other guys might take away your food stamps, or your free housing, or your free government welfare check, or your disability check. If you work for the bloated government, you have to vote for the Democrats because if you vote for the other guys, they might see that there aren’t 10 people needed in this department and fire you. Or worse, they might realize that the department you work in isn’t needed at all and shut the whole thing down!

I hate to say it, but this is what I see. Everything I was led to believe is important, like telling the truth, being self-reliant, virtually every one of the 10 commandments, is out the door and not apparently important in this country anymore, because there is no justice for people like the Clinton’s. They lie, they cheat, they steal, people die because of them, and our Country just looks the other way. My own mother, who was a part of the Women’s Movement and one of the first Hippies in San Francisco, just looks the other way because she wants a woman to be President before she dies. Really? Is this the woman you want representing you, Ma?  


Loretta Lynch Must Go!!!

Loretta Lynch Must Go!!!

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