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Step Aside Hillary

The Integrity of America is More Important Than You


It is now known that Hillary Clinton lied to the American public. The FBI has proved it. She lied, more than once, maybe as many as 7 times just in the email scandal alone, and directly to the American Public and to Congress under oath. Now, she gets off without any penalty, and this has had a terrible impact on the American people’s trust in the integrity of the Department of Justice, the FBI, our Congress and our Presidency. She may have also compromised the security of the United States by letting her emails out into the world in foreign countries, which are now most likely in their hands and which makes her “blackmail-able” by those “hostile actors”.

We all know that politics is a dirty business, but IN THE PAST, before the Clintons (including Bill), any patriotic American that cared about America and what is best for this country, would have the decency to resign, step aside, FOR THE GOOD OF THE NATION. Bill wouldn’t resign even though he lied and was impeached for it. I guess the Clintons have learned that nothing they do has any consequences. It’s time that stopped.

Hillary Clinton is not a patriot. If she were, she would have the HONORABILITY and the INTEGRITY to stand up and say to the American people, “I’m sorry that this has happened. I’m sorry that this has caused the American people to distrust me so much, and now distrust the important institutions of the United States. It is more important that all of us, including me, preserve the integrity of our country in the minds of Americans and the world. Therefore I am stepping aside as a candidate for President.”

Hillary will not do this. It’s not in her DNA. She wants power more than doing the right thing for America. What she doesn’t understand is that she would actually regain a bit of respect among her adversaries if she did step aside for the good of the country. Instead, she will press ahead, she may win and become our President, and the world will look at us the way we look at banana republics…corrupt, corruptible, without ethics or rule of law, where you can buy what you want by paying off the dictator in charge.  If we allow her to become President, I ask you, what will be the difference between the United States and a corrupt, banana republic country? There will be none. She’s already taken money into the Clinton Foundation from foreign countries, many of them now looked at as potentially enemies of the US, while she was Secretary of State. If that isn’t a payoff to the future President of the United States, I don’t know what is.

People don’t like Trump, I understand, but he’s been right on a lot of things. Dubbing Hillary “Crooked Hillary” was right on the mark. And now the FBI has proved it with evidence. The question is:

What are you going to do about it?




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