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A Preview to the Clinton Sh*t Show Circus

The Email Scandal is Just Act One


All of the noise on the Clinton email scandal is perfectly OK with Hillary and Bill Clinton. You know why? It’s nothing compared to what you would find if you looked into how Hillary and Bill Clinton solicited bribes from foreign countries including those that have a history of being our enemies or harboring and/or funding terrorists.

Here’s how it worked: You wanted something done that needed the State Department approval, you hired Bill Clinton, through a company called Teneo, to come to your country and give a series of speeches. You paid him insanely large amounts of money, which went directly into a joint personal account for Bill and Hillary. You magically get your State Department approval. We’re talking about millions of dollars for just one deal. There is no telling how many deals they did. There is no telling how much money they had directed into the Foundation so that it wasn’t taxed as personal income, but became their nest egg from which they can draw salaries and expense reimbursements for life. Why is there no telling? Because there are 30,000+ missing emails, deleted from Hillary’s personal, illegal, unprotected email server. During one scam with one company, Uranium One, the Clinton Foundation received over $2.3 million in donations from Uranium One’s Chairman’s family foundation, and Bill got a $500,000 speaking engagement by a Uranium One affiliated party. Why? Uranium One needed State Department approval because the approval would give a RUSSIAN entity control over 1/5th of the United States mined uranium. That deal is done. And the Clinton’s got paid well for essentially selling Russians 20% of USA uranium rights. Starting to feel sick yet?

During this time, there were an average of 92 emails a day between Teneo, The Clinton Foundation, Hillary and her aides. That sounds like a very actively managed situation coordinated by someone. If Congress wants to get down to the heart of the matter, they need to give the FBI the order to follow that money trail and what happened. Of course, Hillary’s lawyers have already deleted and cleaned that email trail.

According to Dick Morris (20 years working with Clintons) in his new book “Armageddon”, the Clintons elaborate scam of selling US Government influence is the entire explanation why she used multiple servers and multiple communication devices on a personal, unsecure server. She had to have total control over the information and the ability to delete it (or have her lawyers do it). If her actions were discovered, it would end the gravy train of getting Bill paid as a speaker and having that money sent directly into the Clintons joint account. It would end the donations to the Clinton Foundation. Government email servers retain everything and are out of her control. THIS is the reason why she lied, why she violated the law, why she is actually happy that all we are focused on is the email issue. If we all knew the extent to which Hillary and Bill brazenly sold influence, while she was Secretary of State, we would first be sick to our stomachs, then we would be so angry we would want her hanged as a traitor. Mind you, when this all comes out after the Clinton Foundation is finally investigated, it won’t surprise me. I’ve said all along that many people have forgotten the “Arkansas shit show circus” that the Clintons brought to the White House the first time around. Now it looks like it could come back. And for you youngsters out there, trust us older people when we tell you that the Clintons in the White House will disgust yet another generation, the same way it did the first time around. Dear Lord, I hope they are listening.

The facts are well outlined in Morris Book. Here are just some of what he reveals in his book:

·        She is a compulsive, pathological liar” that must be exposed and he backs it up with evidence.

·        Hillary lost any claim to becoming Commander In Chief after Benghazi, and he reveals new details about how she worked hard to cover up her role.

·        She will put America into another needless war.

·        She is “obsessively secret and paranoid” and he reveals never before known details that show her to the “controller in chief”.

·        She is now very vulnerable to criminal prosecution right now and may be the target of impeachment hearings almost on day one of her presidency if she wins.

I would strongly suggest you read it. You can also see excerpts of great value at www.OneCitizenSpeaking.com.

The Clinton Shit Show Circus has just hit town, second time around. How do you like the first act?  



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