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Kamala Harris - Extreme Liberal Elite, Anti-Gun Bureaucrat Running for Senate

The rumor is that she is being groomed to become the first female black President of the United States. If she wins the Senate seat in California, she will likely be on her way to that goal.

Those of us in California know Kamala Harris pretty well. Well, we know who she is, but nobody really knows Kamala Harris because she has never held an elected office and has only been an appointed bureaucrat. She has never voted on the floor of any legislature or authored any bills to be voted on. She is in a race for Senator in California to take the vacated seat of insanely liberal Senator Barbara Boxers place. Boxers daughter married Hillary Clintons brother. Thank the Lord Boxer is retiring but maybe it wo8uld be better for America if we kept the devil we knew.

A few important facts:

1.     Harris probably identifies as black, with an Indian mother and Jamaican-American father, and is married to Douglas Emhoff who is white and Jewish, an attorney, connected to the motion picture industry and all the liberal power-elites in Hollywood. In that sense, they are the perfect liberal power-couple. A couple of lawyers (aka non-productive members of society that make nothing of value for our economy and take from those that do…as well as from those that pay taxes in the case of Harris.)

2.     She is a virtual unknown in terms of her true beliefs as there is NO VOTING RECORD for this candidate according to VoteSmart.org.

3.     Rumor is she is further to the left than Barack Obama.

4.     She has tried to force conservative non-profit organizations to turn over lists of their donors in an effort to uncover the identification of the money behind conservative organizations that oppose the liberal narrative. (Washington Times). Kind of like what Obama did with the IRS witch hunt he orchestrated.

5.     The NRA gives her a massive failing grade on gun control issues.

Here’s the bottom line: She’s a liberal through and through, she wants to ban “assault weapons”, she has NO TRACK RECORD ON ANYTHING since she has never been in ANY office to even vote on ANYTHINBG

She’s dangerous because she is very like Obama was before elected. An extreme liberal – but an unknown. Good looking, well spoken, and completely without the baggage of a track record. These are the most dangerous candidates. Why? Because, like Obama, you know nothing about what is truly in their evil liberal hearts until they win, then you get the arrogance of Obama and Hillary, who believe that we the people are incapable of running our own lives. They have never served a constituency in an elected position. One can only imagine what her real agenda might be. We had no idea that Obama had a love of Islam, but it’s now clear that he does. To the detriment of our fighting soldiers and the safety and well-being of the American people here and abroad. His results are not pretty: Slow economic growth, continued high unemployment, lousy jobs when you can find them, more murders than ever before, extreme socialistic change including penalizing you for not participating in a mandated health care system that is nothing like he promised, running around the world apologizing for being American, circumventing the Constitution of the united State in a treaty with Iran (Muslim country), allowing Islamic/Muslim Extremists and ISIS terrorists to enter this country and even protecting them when they go shoot up a bar in Orlando. If Kamala Harris is really “left of Obama” and we let her get into the Presidency, we’re might be in really big trouble.

If you’re a California voter, you need to support Loretta Sanchez. She may be a Democrat, but she’s to the right of Kamala Harris. Sanchez is Latino, and the most avid gun enthusiasts I know are Latino’s. We have a lot of Latino’s in California, and they will turn out for Sanchez. If all of us turn out for Sanchez, we have a shot at beating Harris. 

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