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What the Hell was Brexit and Why It Matters...Alot

What was Brexit? It wasn’t just the UK leaving the EU. It was millions of people standing up and saying NO MORE to the elitist left wing movement which has been steadily progressing against individual rights for decades, led by people like Hillary Clinton, Barack Obama, John Kerry, George Soros, Michael Bloomberg, Loretta “The Incompetent” Lynch, Elizabeth “Pocohantas” Warren, and DNC Chair, Debbie Wasserman Shultz. The people of Britain have said “NO!” to the tyranny over sovereignty, a faceless group of bureaucrats that try to control and run your lives with you having no recourse. 
Elite liberals want a society without gender, without religion, without “God”, without patriotism, with one currency, and one world Government (the EU was supposed to be the beginning of this). This World Government (or super-government agencies like the EU), run by liberal elitists that are supposedly smarter than us and the average person, have worked hard to position themselves and create these agencies in order to dictate how you are supposed to live your life from this superpower “government”.  Freedom of choice, speech, property rights, etc would not really exist anymore. It’s important that they keep the illusion of these rights and freedoms in place, but in reality, by limiting them so severely, they are gone. And they give themselves the power to tax you and use the money for its agenda – and you have no recourse on that taxation, and you have no say on what is on the agenda. You have no representation! You have no power! This is what they have worked so hard to create, these superpower liberal global elites. They are so close to their utopian society, this move by Britain is tremendously threatening. Watch as they try everything they can to overturn what has just happened. Poland, Hungary, Greece, Netherlands – they may be the next to vote for an exit. 
Dependence upon the central government is key to success of the elite agenda. The more people that are dependent upon the central government, the more power they gain, the more leverage they have over how you can live your life. That strategy has been extremely effective, in fact, so effective, that even the independent states, such as Texas, who want to exercise their states’ rights and refuse refugee’s from Islamic Terrorists states, are not able to do so. Why? Obama shoved the refugees down the throat of Texas by threatening to remove any funding from the Feds to the state of Texas if they didn’t do what he wanted. You see the danger of relying upon the Federal Government? This is exactly what the writers of the Constitution were afraid of…a tyrannical centralized government which restricted or eliminated your God given freedoms and States Rights. Does it now become clearer now how removing Freedom and God go hand and hand with the elitist agenda? 
The notion that everything you have is really from the Government is also a core belief and is Obama’s justification for taxation and regulation of just about everything. Not long ago, he stated “These companies that have been created, that were started here, that are flourishing here, didn’t do this alone…they did it with the help of the Government.” This statement reveals the true belief of the elite left. And it created quite a stir from entrepreneurs everywhere that can’t recall the Government giving them ANYTHING to help them start and grow their companies!
Brexit is evidence that the power of the people matters. I actually give tremendous credit to the UK for putting it on a ballot and letting the people decide. The elites arrogantly thought that there was no way it would go this way, but it did. Now they are really scared. Other countries are going to leave, mark my words. So you have to love what the people did. They said, “I’m taking my country and my freedoms BACK from the elitists who are trying to tell me how to live every part of my life”. 
It seems to me that if Obama had allowed all of us to vote democratically on the Iranian ‘treaty’, that deal would not have happened. But Obama and Company knew this. How are they going to pitch us on allowing $150 billion to go to the number one sponsor of terrorism in the world for the past 2 decades? So instead of complying with the Constitution, which clearly states that the government will not enter into any treaties with foreign lands without the express approval of Congress, he circumvented constitutional law and did it anyway, through the UN. What a perfect place to get it done. Another bureaucracy run by appointed, not elected, elitists that think they know more than you or I what is best for the world. 


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