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Muslims - Sweep Your Side of the Street

As my Father used to say, “Sweep up your own side of the street”. It was his way of telling us to take care of our own business before we start criticizing others, before we do anything else. The Islamic terrorists that have been responsible for Paris, Orlando, San Bernadino and others are clearly to blame for the events. So the issue isn’t guns, it isn’t gays, it’s really what have Muslim leaders and the leaders of muslim countries done to prevent it and eradicate it? Nothing. As a result, the events of Orlando can be blamed squarely on the religion upon which it was born, and inside of which it lives today. Muslims have failed to take meaningful action and have shown apathy towards what the Islamic extremist terrorists are doing.

American society is by its very design, tolerant. Free. Up until now, we Americans have been tolerant of the Muslim/Islamic failures to act in any meaningful way to prevent their radical elements from continuing to kill and jihad against us. The days of our tolerance are quickly coming to an end. 

This event isn’t about gays, or about guns. The Gay rights and the anti-gun left are shamelessly using this tragedy to further their own agenda’s put in place long ago. They should be ashamed of themselves for using this as an excuse to further those agendas. This is about Muslims not sweeping up their side of the street, and allowing this disease, which was born within their counties, culture, religion and communities, come upon our shores, wreaking havoc and destruction. 

The killings in Orlando Florida, by a radicalized Muslim terrorist, have become the last in a string of attacks that ISIS and the radical Islamic/Muslim elements have brought to our shores, as they promised they would do. Our current leaders take no action and say they don’t want to start a Holy war. I’m here to tell you it already started. To the Muslim community, I say this: America is about to wake up, and when that happens, I fear for you.

In the aftermath at Orlando, an Imam, the leader of the local Orlando Muslim church, got on camera (as usual) and said how horrified he was, and how sorry he was that this happened, and that this act isn’t what Islam is about. I, for one, am tired of hearing these empty words - as you do nothing to stop these acts of terror born from your own religion and your own home countries. I disagree with the statement “This isn’t Islam”. Stop it. It sure as hell is somewhat Islamic. How can you continue to deny it? Why do we have to keep listening to your empty words? The killers shout to your Islamic God, they pledge allegiance to the Islam/Muslim practicing leaders of Islamic-based ISIS. They are practicing Muslims, attending your mosques, living in your communities. They dine with you, they worship with you, and you are harboring them in your communities, knowingly or not. This evil disease lives and breathes inside your faith and your community whether you want to admit it or not. It is there. Stop insulting our intelligence by claiming that it isn’t.

The disease must be cut out, killed, eliminated. You should have swept up your own mess, dealt with your radical elements on your own. Your inaction can only mean that in some twisted way, you secretly may want them to succeed in their ultimate goal. Or you just don’t care about the consequences. This is a Muslim/Islamic disease. It WILL be eliminated.  You had your chance to clean up your mess. The time is fast coming that your problem will be dealt with on American terms. And that will not be pretty for you and your people.

Your faith, by denying the existence of this element, by doing nothing to clean it up and stop it, is now nothing more than modern day Nazi’s. You are no different than the German people when they allowed Hitler to slaughter 6 million people and stood by and watched, claiming it wasn’t them that did the horrible acts, or that they were just following orders. Every day that you waste without putting an end to this radical element of your faith is a day that you allow jihadi’s - modern day Hitler’s - to walk this earth and create destruction, killing innocent people. Your words are hollow, as far as I’m concerned, until your religious and political leadership puts an end to this radical element of your faith. This is your problem. You really should be responsible enough to fix it.   

You proclaim you don’t want to be “singled out” or treated with prejudice. If you don’t want us to look at you strangely when you get on a plane, then do something to clean up and clean out these people in your faith. It is not our fault that we can’t tell if you’re a peaceful Muslim or a radical. It’s your problem, so it is you that should fix it. If you don’t, America will eventually find a leader with the strength to take action and fix it, and it could mean the death of a many Muslims. America will turn your lands of sand into glass. I can sense the changing of the tide, and it feels as if America has had just about enough of this. Never underestimate the resolve and ferocity of the American people. We can and will hit the reset button on entire nations in the name of protecting our homeland and our way of life if necessary. We have done it before.  – D S Kimball. 6-15-16.

Dutch Kimball is a former Warrior of Wall Street and professional athlete. He writes fearlessly about current political, social and economic happenings in the US. 

Dutch Kimball is a former Warrior of Wall Street and professional athlete. He writes fearlessly about current political, social and economic happenings in the US. 

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