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Islam, Freedom, and Guns

What makes me sick is the shameless use of the horrific Orlando event by the Left, led by Obama and Loretta “The Incompetent”  Lynch, to once again AVOID THE TRUTH and make this about guns, and make an attempted run at the 2nd Amendment in the Senate by Diane Feinstein and some Senator that we’ve never heard of before this, Chris Murphy. Thankfully, Senators from Texas and elsewhere stood up the other day and reminded the Left that if you are going to attack the 2nd Amendment, you shouldn’t bring a knife to a gunfight. They got spanked and but hard. And rightfully so. At what point do we stop limiting the rights of the American people?

In Hillary Clinton’s own words, “If it’s severely limited, it’s not much of a right, is it?” She was talking about a woman’s right to choose, of course, but it applies here and for every other right in the Constitution and Bill of Rights. Apparently severely limiting rights is OK if its rights THE LEFT DOESN’T WANT YOU TO HAVE.

I think the framers and authors of our Constitution had a dream of a free country, a free state, where a man could be free to walk his own property without the fear of it being taken away, with the right to earn a living from it and on it, to keep his family and himself safe from harm both from foreign and domestic threats. Today, at least to this observer, the threat is from BOTH Islamic terrorists coming to our country to harm us, and here in our own federal and state governments, where the number of laws that tell us how to live in every damn imaginable way, threatens that dream of living freely.

More than anything else, the Founding Fathers knew one thing, and that was the tyranny of an oppressive government. And they put the second amendment into the Constitution because without it, every other right can easily be taken away. In other words, if they take away your second amendment right, which one can they take away next? Answer: All of them! 

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