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Elizabeth Warren - Very Rich, Very Fake

Elizabeth Warren - Very Rich, Very Fake

She’s a fraud. Warren, (known by her nickname “Pocohantas”), whom claimed to be Cherokee Indian for employment purposes - or to get into Harvard - not sure if just one or both - without any legitimate legal basis, pretends to be “for the little guy”. But what is the truth?

The turth is she has never presented any proof that's she's American Indian. The truth is she’s worth over $8.75mm according to CNNMoney.com and may be as much as $14mm according to BuzzFeed.com. She lives in a house worth several million dollars in Cambridge, Mass. She’s the 79th richest person in Congress – out of 541 people- again according to CNNMoney.com. She has around $2 million in LIQUID funds…that’s cash, CD’s at banks, mutual funds. She and her husband, a professor, have made close to, or more than $1mm, for years. I’m all for making money, but don’t hold yourself out to be a “common man” or in touch with the common man when you have a driver, a security detail around you, and the taxpayers pay your salary and for your food and just about everything you do. You’re not an average Joanne. Your rich as hell, anyway you look at it. You are not someone that is in touch with “the little guy”. But you’re going to fight for us, right? We’re not buying your line of BS, Elizabeth. you make nothing, you take from the economy, you do not create anything ov value for the economy. 

I suspect neither Hillary or Warren have bought their own groceries for years. They don’t know the cost of a gallon of gas because they aren’t pumping their own gas or even driving their own cars. We pay for that. Right – you and I pay for their drivers, their gasoline, their cars, and their security personnel. Not to mention the private planes they all seem to have.

Warren recently said “The GOP has decided to sell arms to ISIS”. Why? Because she’s upset that the ALL of the proposed bills on gun control failed in the Senate the other day. What a twisted comment, what a twisted human being. As Mark Levin says, “She’s a clown, a freak…a fraud.”

Appears that Elizabeth Warren is just another phony, lying power-hungry liberal, pretending to be in the 99% when in fact, she is in the 1% that she says she disdains, all the while, suckling off the tax payers of our country. What a clown show of con men and women. It’s going to be another Clinton shit-show at the White House (remember the last one? Jeez!) if we don’t all come together and vote to make sure it doesn’t happen.



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