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Clinton's Corruption is IN YOUR FACE, AMERICA!

If you or I were the Chief of Police of our local town, and we had formed a “foundation” in our own name, and taken money from criminal elements into that foundation WHILE WERE IN OFFICE, would that not be looked at as a conflict of interest? Would it be criminal? If we were the Mayor and did this, and pushed through projects that the criminals wanted pushed through, would that not be criminal? Forget that it is clearly not ethical! It would be criminal. We would likely be run out of office, prosecuted, and sent to jail. 

Americans are not stupid. They are almost always underestimated by the Left. The vast majority of American people should see Hillary Clinton’s actions as Secretary of State, as unethical, criminal, and punishable by law. How is it possible that the Clinton Foundation can take in hundreds of millions of dollars from foreign countries and the American people don’t see this for what it is? Corruption! Payoffs! Just the potential for corruption or favoritism for these donors should be enough to preclude it from being legal. The fact that the Clintons have clearly done this should be enough for us to eliminate her as a Presidential Candidate for reasons of a predominance of potential conflicts to the American people’s best interests.

There can be no room for a President that has been bought off by potential enemies of America and I think that, alone, is reason enough for us not to vote for her. Trump may not be the perfect alternative, but many, many people felt exactly the same way about Reagan, but once Reagan was in office, it became clear how much he loved our country, how much he promoted “America First”, and the proof was how he raised our hope, our pride in our nation, and fiercely protected our country from its enemies. Trump has these same qualities. He loves our country, he loves our freedoms, and he disdains our enemies instead of courting them and apologizing for being American the way Obama and Hillary have done for over 7 years.  

Elizabeth Warren - Very Rich, Very Fake

Elizabeth Warren - Very Rich, Very Fake

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