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The Funeral for Our Culture

It has become apparent to me in my old age that we’re losing something in the USA…the core beliefs that made our country great. The culture that made our country great.

Culture. What is that? It’s a set of common beliefs, attitudes – a way of thinking and behaving or working that exists in a society or organization. Our culture defines us and makes us what we are.

Thinking about this has been most disturbing to me because I see clearly the cultural beliefs proposed by the left is precisely the polar opposite of what made our society great in the first place.

Historically, our culture in the USA was one in which a person worked hard to get what they wanted, he told the truth, he believed in God, he was self-reliant, he respected his elders, he cared for his family and watched out for his neighbors, he obeyed the laws but demanded the government not impinge on his freedoms, he didn’t take more than he gave to society, he produced something of value, he was proud of his country and was willing to fight for its freedoms by giving up his life for it.  

What do we have today? We have a Democratic party and leadership that breaks the law and lies to us about it, who travels the world and apologizes for who we are as a country while still giving everyone our money and military protection free of charge, who supports the very Islamic nations whose people intend to eliminate us as a people, who places the government above the people, who believes that we should rely upon the government for just about everything instead of being self-reliant, who “hooks” its citizens on government handouts in order to get their votes, who believes that the Constitution is an old document that isn’t relevant in our modern times, who won’t give our troops the power to win, and who think that they know better than you how you should live your life. This is what we have become. I see it all around me every day here in California. And it makes me very, very sad.

I am sad today as I realize that the left has infiltrated the minds of our young people in our educational system, and has successfully hooked so many poor, lazy, stupid people on government aid that they are now able to get the power to over-turn the greatest culture on Earth and transform it into a nation of losers, pussy’s, and people that think that they should get everything for free. Ya – that’s a shot at Bernie’s supporters, I’m talking about you as well as the Obama/Hillary supporters.

Tonight I’m going to plan the funeral for our culture, such as it once was, and all the beliefs that apparently don’t matter anymore that I held onto for my whole life. If Benghazi Hillary wins the election, I will invite you to attend the ceremony where we can bury these and all that was great about our culture as we move forward with a leftist vision of the future…

…then I’m moving to the Republic of Texas where men are men, women aren’t confused, and children still say “Yes M’am” and “Yes Sir”.


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