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Cruz, Bush, Romney and Kasich: Shame on You All

Let’s be clear – this is a watershed point in our Countries history. The prospect of having Killary Clinton as President is right here, right now. She is an obvious liar and cover up artist, unfit to be Commander in Chief, and by all accounts should be disqualified as a candidate. Forget her personal lying and her possibly treasonous acts as Secretary of State. She will stack the Supreme Court with liberal judges that will likely change the course of US history for the rest of our lives, taking away rights that were given to us by God and our Founding Fathers. THAT is insane to imagine.

And despite all this, Cruz, Kasich, Romney and Bush refuse to get behind Trump. Hey, I’ve said all along, you don’t have to like the man, but you can’t possibly see Killary in the White House, can you? So put your big boy pants on and get behind the man that won the votes.

These guys are acting like little babies. Hey, you got your asses kicked for a good reason. The people spoke. It’s not your time. Trump tapped into an angry America that is largely angry at you. You lost. It’s over. Now, step up to the plate and do the right thing. Ben Carson, Chris Christy, and others have put the good of the nation ahead of their egos, so get your sh*t together, wipe your tears you little babies, and get on board. 

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