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Nancy Pelosi Thinks White Men Are Stupid

Something is wrong with Nancy Pelosi. I’ve known it for a long time, I just couldn’t put my finger on it until today. So, I was excited to see her pulled out of her coffin to show up with the media at the DNC.

I love it when Nancy Pelosi decides to talk to the media without a script because she never fails to do three things: Show that she can’t really form an intelligent sentence anymore, she never knows what she’s talking about, and she usually proves that she is probably the dumbest person we have ever put in government office.

Most recently, she was asked about why white men are not coming on board with Hillary. She said that this isn’t surprising because “white men have a habit of often voting against their own economic interests”… by voting Republican. She added that “most of these white men weren’t going to vote democratic anyway.”

Two things: First, you don’t say “vote Democratic”. Its “vote Democrat”. You don’t vote Republicanism or Democratic you ignoramus! Second, she apparently assumes that voting Democrat is always in the best interest economically for everyone, and I guess that would be right if you have as your core belief that getting free stuff is the best way to live instead of standing upon one’s own two feet and upon what you’ve earned. Hmmm.

In an interview yesterday with Greta Van Susterin, she was asked about what Hillary would have to say in order to make points with the people that are undecided. Her answer? “In an election, you find out who is going to win the election and hold the seat. That’s what happens in an election.”

Holy cow! I was rolling on the ground laughing. She not only didn’t answer the question, she sounded like a first grader. That’s it! That’s when it hit me – I now know what is wrong with Nancy Pelosi!

Nancy Pelosi’s brain is functioning at the first grade level.



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