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Rising White Anger

One reason that groups like Black Lives Matter are able to get away with their lies and create racial division is that people are lazy and simply don’t bother to look at the facts. Lots of people are ignorant. And this is exactly the way Black Lives Matter and the left want you to be. Because if you knew the truth, it would reveal the lies that are the very foundation of their organizations and thier politics.

In a previous piece, I outlined a few key statistics that illuminate the truth and destroy the very foundations upon which Black Lives Matter was founded. A house build on a foundation of lies is a house that will crumble.

The simple fact is that blacks perpetrate more violent crimes than whites. 5 times more black on white crime than white on black according to statistics from 2012 and 2013. And where are the Black Lives Matter leaders when the Baton Rouge killer, a black man who simply wanted to kill cops, decided to do just that. And one of the three cops he killed was black. For this man, it wasn’t about black versus white, it was a hate crime against cops. But according to the senior editor of Ebony Magazine, Jamilah Lemieux, if it’s a cop that gets killed, it can’t be a hate crime. This is absolutely insane, racist, and divisive, precisely at a time in which we should be trying to come together, not be divisive. She should be fired for being reckless and racist. Obama should be ashamed of giving this racist group an audience at the White House after the shootings of police which this group instigated. 

Thankfully, BLM is now being called out for what they really are from a number of places: A racist hate group that is founded on lies, spews lies in its commentary, and supports riots and civil unrest. They should not to be celebrated or invited to have an audience with the President. They should not be rewarded for their lies, their tactics, their support of the violence against cops which they helped create.

What BLM has effectively done for us, however, is shine a very bright light on themselves and what they say they stand for and why. That causes the real facts and the truth to come out for all to see. Black Lives Matter has now been exposed as a racist, lying, divisive group whose entire foundation is a lie. Now that they are demonstrating in the streets and creating mayhem, we’re paying very close attention and we’re looking into the facts, the statistics, and find the truth. And the truth is that the statistics don’t back them up at all. Black on white crime is 5 times higher than white on black. The police are more likely to shoot a white person in a confrontation than a black person. The reason there are a lot of police/black interactions is not because the police target blacks, its that the black communities are where they are called to go every day because that’s where all the crime is! This is from the mouth of the very police officers that BLM claims is targeting them! Finally, its a well known statistic that 93% of black deaths from violence are done at the hands of other blacks, not whites, and not white cops or cops in general. 

Now – let’s talk about the perspective on all of this from the point of view of a white man.

The white man knows that there were historical injustices done to blacks. The modern white man is angry that you still make him the enemy when for his entire life, he has not been the one that delivered these injustices upon you. For his entire life, he has quietly stood by and watched as you got preferential treatment for college admission, jobs, and bank loans for your businesses. In his mind, he has been paying a price for something he didn’t do for a long, long time. The white man sees himself as the oppressed one now, who has endured unfair treatment for his whole life. The white man doesn’t see how he should continue to have to pay a price for something he didn’t do, how he has to listen to any more lies about how you’re targeted by police, listen to you talk about how you’re the victim and how your lives are so bad and how its somehow his fault. That story line isn't getting through to him anymore. He's tired of it.  

It’s about time that blacks accept that they have had plenty of opportunity to make something of their lives with all the advantages that many programs have given them for decades.  Affirmative Action, Minority Loans, Low Income Housing, Preferential Admissions to Colleges. If you haven’t done something with your lives or the lives of your kids with all the preferential treatment, financial aid and other help you’ve been given over the last several decades, then whose fault is that? It's on you now. So if you’re still not happy, why is it my problem as a white man to make you feel better or to pay for you to have more than what you have earned? You've been given preferential treatment for decades. Our nation was founded on equal opportunity, not equal results. It’s not society’s goal to make everyone live equally well off – that’s some other country. Go there if that’s what you want. That is not how America works. 

The white man today is thinking that it’s time we stopped the black privilege and make things equal and fair again, because in the mind of the white man today, it is truly not fair when he can’t get his daughter into Stanford because his daughter is white even though she has better grades, and is a better candidate all around, than a black or other minority applicant. He thinks its unfair that he can’t get a business loan, but you can, because you’re black. When are these practices going to end? When is it OK to make the playing field fair again for all of us regardless of color? You want “equality”, well OK, lets make things equal again.

I don’t think you really want equality, you want more than your fair share, more than you’ve earned. You want this because you're black, and someone in the past wasn't fair to your ancestors. You want privilege, which is by definition, an unfair advantage over others.   

Well I think there was terrible discrimination against Italians, Polish, and Irish. What exists today is quite the opposite of what Black Lives Matter will have you believe. What exists in truth today is clearly black privilege. What exists today is clearly more black on white crime than the reverse. The statistics and facts don’t lie. The white man is tired of the lies, and is tired of blacks pointing the finger at him as the cause for black problems. In his mind, he has lived with this disadvantage his whole life because of something he had nothing to do with. I’m 54 years old. I didn’t put your people into slavery, I didn’t segregate you in the South, I didn’t get a GI Bill when you couldn’t. That stuff happened before most white men in this country were born. 

It’s about time the black community takes responsibility for where they are in life, and do something about it if they want a better life, not insist on more advantages. Get a job. Don’t steal and break the law. Build a business and family. Stay off welfare. Don’t have kids if you can’t afford to take care of them, and if you can’t afford them, work harder and take care of them.  Get a second job. That’s what the black, white and Latino single mothers that I know have had to do…sometimes they have 2 or three jobs to take care of their kids. They are giving of themselves to make a better life for their kids. What are you doing? Do you have a job? Do you pay your taxes? Become a giver to society instead of a taker. Carry the bucket of water for a change instead of constantly drinking from it. The white man is not responsible for your plight any more. You are where you are because of the choices YOU made. You’ve had plenty of opportunity to take advantage of your privilege. 

The modern white man had nothing to do with the path you chose or how that ended up for you. He is not the problem. Stop pointing your finger at him and take responsibility for your condition. Stop pretending you’re a victim and go do something positive with your life, be self-reliant, and become a giver to society instead of a taker. 

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