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What the Election in November is REALLY About

It’s simple. The election in November is about our national security and who is more likely to make sure we, as Americans, are safe inside and outside our borders.

Inside our boarders we have seen that the policies of the left have created racial unrest and allowed jihadists from ISIS to come into our country and bring death to innocent people on our own shores. The facts don’t lie, our safety within our own borders is not better than before Obama, Killery, and the Epic Fail team he has put together to run our country. The left can argue about this all they want, but the truth is in how the American people feel about their safety. If we felt that our Government were doing a great job keeping us safe, why are there record numbers of men and women of all ages, gay and straight, applying for the right to carry a concealed weapon? Why are there record numbers of gun sales within our country? Why are the gun ranges and training facilities for self protection classes packed and sold out? Why are the agencies that supply security to families and executives and events so busy, working 24/7? These facts tell the story, not the words that come out of the mouths of known liars like Killary Clinton.

Which brings us to how safe Americans are abroad. There was a time not long ago in which an American could travel abroad and know that the power of the American Government would be recognized in most places and provided us with some degree of safety. People wouldn’t kill us abroad for fear of the repercussions of the US Government. This has been totally dismantled by Obama and Killary’s “hands off” and politically correct approach to the world. They have shown they are more afraid of being politically correct than in keeping Americans safe. Killary’s record of keeping our people safe abroad is a simple Epic Fail called Benghazi. Despite 600 requests for increased security in Banghazi, despite watching the US outpost being attacked in real time for a full day, despite the Ambassador and CIA personnel begging for help in call after call to the State Department and our military, we never send one plane, one armed drone, or one serviceman to their aid. Not one. People died and that blood is on Killary and Obama. Obama and Killary have failed to fight evil, and have instead, have allowed it to flourish, showing the world nothing but weakness and a resolve not to act on behalf of our own people. There is no excuse for what happened in Banghazi, Killary. No excuse for allowing an Ambassador to die.

So in November, we have a chance to return our beloved country to its rightful place in the world, as a power not to be messed with, and that to mess with one of us is to potentially mess with the full power of the US military. We have a chance to hire a President that will not allow terrorist into our country. Wehave a chance to hire a President that actually loves America more than Islam, who doesn’t care about being politically correct, but more about the safety of Americans.

Do the right thing, America.


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