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Obama told us his solution to terrorism today. Nice, France was attacked, by an Islamic Terrorist from Tunisia who was living in France legally. So is Trump so wrong about protecting our borders from people from these nations that want to come into this nation? Tunisia has supplied more jihadists to ISIS than any other nation according to Sebastian Gorka, author of “Defeating Jihad”. His name was even Mohamed! Perfect! (BTW I won’t get on a plane if anyone on the flight crew is named Mohamed. Just one of my personal quirks.) After the attack, Obama’s had to open his mouth of course, and tell us his great solution to terrorism: “Don’t give into fear” and continue to practice “relentless diplomacy” and ‘show more sensitivity’ to the terrorist’s economic conditions. Killary thinks the solution is a “surge of intelligence”! How out of touch are these buffoons? Killary and Obama and the whole Obama administration crew, from Loretta Lynch to Jeh Johnson to John Kerry have been nothing but one epic fail after another.  

First of all, this isn’t about economic conditions. It’s about an ideology that promotes death and the hatred of the West. Second, Obama AGAIN chose not to call the Nice, France attack Islamic terrorism, even though we now know that the killer in Nice, France shouted, “Allah Akbar” while he mowed down hundreds of innocent families and children.

When will you get it, Mr. President? You cannot reason with a terrorist, and this isn’t about anyone in the Islamic Terror business wanting jobs and money. Hell, Osama Bin Laden was wealthy! It’s not about money. It’s not about being sensitive. It’s not about showing them respect and love. They live like animals and follow a pre-historic book of “laws” called Sharia, which is at the heart of the problem.

The real solution is simple. Hopefully we will have Trump as President, because if we have Trump, we get Lt. General Flynn as Head of Department of Defense, and this is a man that knows how to take care of business. It’s about finding the leaders and followers of Al Qaeda, ISIS, and the Taliban, and killing…them…all. That is the only solution. And until we have leadership that will support a plan to do just that, we will not win this war.  

Turkey fell today to a military coup. Another large country in total disarray due to Obama’s “hands off’ approach to international affairs. The war on the southern border because of Syria has exhausted the people of Turkey, and Turkey has been a major route for terrorists. Hundreds of thousands of Syrian refugees have put huge stress on the country. The Turkish Military has taken things into their own hands, stating a concern primarily over the security and safety of their own people and within their own borders. Something that Obama doesn’t seem to think is that important in our own country by the way.

The good news is that the Military in Turkey who is taking over temporarily is largely trained by America and is apparently friendly to the West. What they realized is that we aren’t going to help them so they took matters into their own hands, and are overthrowing a government that was moving closer to Iran, closer to ISIS, and are going to make sure that doesn’t happen. He was moving the country towards Islam instead of away from it. Of course, John “The Muppet” Kerry was interviewed today while this is all happening and he had absolutely no idea what is going on in Turkey, so he couldn’t even comment. What an empty suit.             7-15-16

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