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Hillary Demonizes the Police

In her speech today, Hillary went too far once again, continuing the rhetoric of hate and attempting to stir up racial conflict. She said that “we have to acknowledge the 5 Latino’s that lost their lives this past weekend in Police Actions”. She doesn’t specify where, who, or what happened. She just states that Police Actions killed 5 Latinos.

What? This is a new one.

Police Actions only occur because the people were probably not obeying the law, or causing conflict, trying to kill police or others, etc. The police wouldn’t have been in contact with these people, regardless of race, if they weren’t causing a problem, breaking the law or putting someone’s life in danger.

This is blatantly wrong, very dangerous, and extremely reckless. At a moment in time in which we should be trying to dial down racial rhetoric, when the Police around the country are dealing with massive protests in the streets. What kind of leader does this? Obama does it. A President with all the opportunity in the world to bring races together, by his very words and actions, has failed us by causing more of a divide than ever. There are riots in the streets Mr. President. There are terrorists in our country, on our shores, killing innocent Americans. This is how you will be remembered leaving office. Hillary is continuing the Obama divisiveness.

Hillary, you disgust patriotic Americans. You disgust our troops, who know for a fact that you will not have their backs in a conflict. You stated that in Benghazi, we lost not one person. I remember it as 4 people that you allowed to die. Our law enforcement now knows that you don’t have their backs, either. You make it sound like what they do kills blacks and Latino’s. Police, as we all know, only react to situations, they do not cause situations that cause death. They only try to maintain order, not cause mayhem. You try to inflame Latino's and blacks against whites - pandering for their votes. It's so transparent, your pandering, and its disgusting. 

Your rhetoric is inflammatory, extremely dangerous and reckless, just like you were with our national secrets. And it comes at the worst possible time. Shame on you…once again.

People, there is apparently only one way to stop the Crooked Clinton train to the White House. Vote. Vote for Trump. You may not like Trump 100% - and I’m here to tell you that’s OK – but he’s forming a Dream Team of advisers to handle our biggest problems. We have these problems BECAUSE of Hillary and Obama, so to vote for her is to vote for more violence, more disrespect for law enforcement, more of our troops dying, more Americans dying at the hands of ISIS here and abroad, a larger racial divide. 





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