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The Cover Up is Well Underway

Well, Loretta Lynch was before Congress today, and grilled for hours. Ladies and Gentlemen, the fix was in from the start, and Loretta "The Incompetent" Lynch was OBVIOUSLY covering up for Hillary. Welcome to THE COVER UP. It's certainly well under way now. Her responses were evasive, she would not answer direct questions.

"Can you tell me if what Hillary Clinton did was against the law?". Simple question, right? We know that she did break the law because the FBI SAID SHE DID AND THEY HAVE THE EVIDENCE THAT SHE DID. She gave an evasive answer. 

"Can you tell me the difference between Gross Negligence and Extreme Carelessness?" The Incompetent One again evaded and said every case is different.

Lynch is clearly covering up, she would not answer even simple questions. She REPEATEDLY evaded the questions. The fix was in. The Cover Up is on. Lynch, who was appointed to her position by Obama, but given her big appointment and hence, her career, by Bill Clinton. Let us not be confused: Lynch is loyal in the extreme to the CLINTON'S, not to our country. Not to the pursuit of justice first. 

Just looking at her makes me sick. One thing is sure about The Incompetent One - Lynch is really, really good at being loyal to the Clinton's and really, really good at evading questions. 

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