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10:30pm PST November 8, 2016. At 10:39PM the night before the election, Reuters headline article was "Clinton Has 90 Percent Chance of Winning". The article said that she was on track to get 303 Electoral College votes and Trump 238. It painted a picture wherein Trump had almost no chance because he would have to win Florida, North Carolina, Ohio, Pennsylvania, and Michigan in order to pull off a win, and that this was nearly impossible given the polling. Trump got something like 306 Electoral College votes and he won ALL of the states listed above. All of them. And then some. 

What the hell did all the so called experts miss? 

They missed everything that Donald J. Trump did not miss. They were not in touch with the people. All along, Donald said "This doesn't feel like second place to me." How true could that have been. The man, you have to admit, even if you hate him, has amazing instincts. He is in touch with America and Americans. He could simply FEEL it. Add to that the fact that Hillary is one of the most hated people in America because of her obvious criminal lying and crooked dealings, Trump had the opening he needed.

He did a lot of things right along the way. It wasn't luck. He's a winner that knows how to win. He brought in Kelley Anne Conway who was an absolute genius rockstar as his last and final campaign manager. He picked a Vice Presidential candidate that was impossible to dislike, a certified Boy Scout, who the left simply could not attack without it blowing back on them. He campaigned like a lion, hitting as many as 7 or 8 different states and speeches A DAY. Hillary, with her arrogance and her health issues, simply could not do that. She had to send out a small army of "surrogates" including Michelle Obama, President Obama, Elizabeth Warren, Tim Kaine, and on top of that, hire every big name rockstar on the planet to play concerts on her behalf. In typical corrupt Clinton fashion, she even corrupted the Main Stream Media, getting something like 90% favorable treatment in the press to Donalds 10% and she had CNN giving her inside information. Even with all of that, and with former Republican presidents like the Bush's, and former Republican Presidential candidate Mitt Romney trying to do a hit job on him, Donald beat her. 

This was truly a miracle. A miracle that Trump humbly said was not due to him, but due to ALL OF US. He said it in speech after speech. "This movement is not me, it's all of you." Hillary had no movement and she wanted you to support HER, she didn't offer herself up to fight for YOU. When she did, it was too late, and she was simply copying what seemed to be working for Trump - which simply was transparently not genuine, and people could see right through it. 

Where was your vaunted "ground game" Hillary? Where were all your latino's and blacks that you progressives lie to every 4 years and then forget about? Your ground game and voter fraud didn't work, your payoffs of the top celebrities you could find to stump for you didn't work, having Obama and his wife stump for you HARD didn't work, picking a bi-lingual VP didn't work, having 10-15 surrogates giving speeches for you all over the nation didn't work. Lying to Americans didn't work. Saying he is part of the KKK didn't work. Telling people that Trump would start a nuclear war, or that he was Hitler, or that he was working with Russia and Putin and the KGB and the FBI to bring you down...none of it worked. 

I have no sympathy for you, Hillary Clinton. You've been a crook and liar for decades. The Bible phrases I put at the bottom of some of my previous posts were about how evil eventually catches up to you and brings you down. When you deal in corruption and lies, then God will deal you a humbling blow. Hillary has dealt in lies and corruption and has broken rules and laws that would have put most of us regular people in jail for years and years. Somehow, through her corruption and the corruption of those she corrupted along with her, she has somehow escaped prosecution and jail time that would have been very real for all of us. 

I have NO Sympathy for you, Hillary Clinton. I hope to see you jailed, and then in Hell where she belongs. You are not a good person despite how much you try to characterize yourself as such. It's false and people can see right through it, and they did last night. You are more the 7 deadly sins than you are the 10 Commandments. It's becoming irritating to Christians nationwide that you keep citing the Bible in your speeches. You, who has broken most of the 10 Commandments over and over again consistently in your life have not earned the right to preach the Bible to us.  

IT IS NOW TIME to dismantle the Clinton Crime Family, take the money away from the Clinton Foundation and return it to Haiti and other causes that can use it for good.

IT IS NOW TIME to prosecute Hillary and expose the Foundation for the big CON that it is and has been from the beginning. The misuse of charitable funds is no joke. You can't just apologize and walk from that. She needs to do some jail time for the State Department Pay for Play Scheme that she used to enrich herself. Trey Gowdy, Jason Chaffetz, and now possibly a new Attorney General like Rudy Gulliani need to go do their stuff. 

On with the repeal of the Iranian deal, the failed ObamaCare plan, and time to buy a lot of cement and build a wall to protect AMERICAN citizens first, reduce regulations that have stymied corporate growth, bring jobs and reasonable taxation back to America and get our economy going again. It feels like there's pent up demand out there, that companies that have wanted to grow for a long time but haven't will begin to grow and unleash a jobs boom and an economic boom like that we saw in the 80's and 90's in this country that started under Reagan. Get ready for a rockin' economy. 

Its also time to get back to the values that built America. Judeo-Christian values, not Muslim values. American values. It's time to bring a healthy "Main Street" back to the small towns of America that have been ravaged by poverty and boarded up windows with the loss of jobs brought on by NAFTA and regulations that have put the small business out of business in this country. It's time to put the black and white working class men and women in Detroit back to work. It's time to make America WORK again. 

The "Fly Over Nation" has spoken. That election map was virtually all red last night. The overwhelming majority of counties throughout our nation voted to REJECT the liberal, left wing, progressive/socialist/democrat/communist agenda. REJECTED IT. We have a unified Republican Congress and a Republican President. There is no excuse for failure now. 

It's time to make America great again. 


UPDATED 11-17-16