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How are you doing financially? Are you one of the millions of people - 95 million to be more specific - that are no longer a part of the US workforce? That's 37% of America - OUT OF WORK!

These are people in their 30's, 40's and 50's that have simply given up looking for work because companies are just not that interested in hiring and our economy is anemic. Sick. On a phony life support of low interest rate Federal Reserve antibiotics.

Maybe you're one of those people that is holding down 2 or 3 jobs just to make ends meet? Working double shifts, working for cash under the table, working as a Barista during the day and then running to your job as a waitress at night. Working as an accounting clerk during the day from 9-5 and then running to your job as a bartender at night and doing bookkeeping on the side. You're exhausted most of the time, you're kids don't see you, and life really ain't a lot of fun.  

Well, you're not alone. There are millions of you out there. For us, this economy is not working. It's not a life. We are worried that we may never be able to retire, we may never own a home, we will probably be in debt forever just to take care of our kids costs of education. 

Why, eight years after the economic downturn and the supposed start of the recovery, does it feel like we're never going to get ahead? There is a very simple answer: ObamaCare and Obama's policies. Socialist regulations, socialist tax rates, socialist policies on how workers have to be treated, a system that rewards bad employee behavior, a system that is outright hostile to the very companies that supply jobs. The treatment of corporations and entrepreneurs and small business has been outright hostile under Obama. His arrogance is beyond belief, actually saying to American entrepreneurs that if they started a company and became successful, they did it with the help of the government, not all on their own. This is an outright attempt to place government again at the center of life and all that happens and it's quite a stretch. Many small and large business people were livid at these statements and called them outrageous. In fact, most small business owners have come out and said that they have found a way to succeed DESPITE the government, not because of it's help!

ObamaCare - The affordable Care Act - was never meant to be affordable. It was designed to crash the health care system - yes, it was designed to fail, so that Obama and the Democrats could take over healthcare as we know it forever. It was designed to eliminate private helath care in the USA, and this is according to the man that was its chief architect! Once it fails, Obama and Hillary can make it a government mandated, 100% government run institution. Remember, this is a lynchpin of the Alinsky model of subverting a capitalist society and controlling the population, turning America into a socialist state run by the global elites. A society where we owe our very lives to the government, where we are no longer independent or free human beings. There is no choice. There is no alternative. And if you don't pay into the system, you're a criminal and they can levy your wages, sweep your bank account and even take your house away from you using the IRS as their jackboot enforcement arm. 

Forget that ObamaCare doesn't work and is imploding right now, in front of your very eyes. That's how it was supposed to happen - Obama just didn't think it would happen this fast. What it did do immediately, however, was work out to be an anti-jobs Act that was jammed down our throats with lies about what it would do for us. ObamaCare resulted immediately in becoming an anti-job juggernaut. Owners of companies go out of their way NOT to grow, NOT to hire because of its costs. It has single-handedly depressed the American spirit of entrepreneurship for the last 8 years. And now it's hurting the very people that needed healthcare the most because its failikng...rates are skyrocketing, but worse, deductibles are going up to as high as $14,000. Come on. Who can afford the Affordable Healthcare? That's the joke! Nobody. 

The second reason is American tax rates. America has the highest corporate tax rate of almost any country in the world. When you add the high tax rates to an overburdened health care costs structure that companies have to deal with, you have a company that has been stripped of its incentive to even continue to run, but certainly investing in growth is almost seen as crazy. 

All of this happened with our friend Obama, and will get worse with Hillary. She won't even deny it. She has told us straight to our faces that she will raise taxes. At least she isn't lying about that! 

The solution isn't more government, higher taxes, more regulations. These are the very reasons that our country's economy isn't working, why we are not working, why there are almost no decent jobs out there, why starting a company is next to impossible, and why starting a company is looked at today not as a good thing, but as the goal of someone that is probably insane. 

If we were to lower taxes and free corporations from the insanely burdensome regulatory environment, we would see a release of a pent up demand that would send our economy into hyperdrive. Jobs would be plentiful, companies would be growing, capital would flow to start ups, and we would all benefit greatly. The current environment and Hillary will mean more of the same. But more importantly, the young people of this nation will be hardened into believing that there is no upside for them, there is no real opportunity in America anymore. And this will be more damaging to our culture than anything else. 





Streets of Paris "A Warzone" - Violent Migrants

Streets of Paris "A Warzone" - Violent Migrants