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Evil Has a Face

Evil Has a Face

Hillary Clinton's character problems go way back. It's like the Devil himself created her in his factory and let her out into the world, but first he threw the "EVIL" switch on just to see what kind of mayhem we could stand before we smashed her down.

Back to 1974 in one of her first jobs, she was FIRED by the her boss at the Watergate Commission for, in his words, being an unethical attorney who illegally removed evidence in order to handicap the defense, tried to circumvent the Constitution of the United States, broke the rules of Congress, and broke the rules of the Committee itself." It was at this point that Hillary was basically run out of Washington DC. She hooked her evil claws into Bill Clinton and began the Clinton Crime Family. 

This knack of Hillary's for becoming mired in controversial and ethically problematic scandals continued in Arkansas with WhiteWater in which she participated in a scheme to enrich herself at the expense of others in a real estate deal. During this time, she showed an amazing ability to trade commodities turning a very small investment of $1,000 and netted $100,000 in a matter of days in the Commodities market. An obvious payoff from the trading firm that later went belly up amidst allegations of fraud and misdealings. As her husband's political career blossomed and he rose in power and stature, she worked her magic around the fringes to enrich the family with these sketchy and some believe outright illegal deals always somehow seeming to skate by on the edge of being busted. As Bill had affair after affair, Hillary set up the war room to Bust the Bimbo's by taking those women with enough courage to come forward and destroy them reputationally, professionally, financially, not to mention destroying them in public personally. Her number one goal was not to do the right thing, but to keep the Clinton Express to the White House on track and make sure that nothing and nobody got in the way of that. Her quest for power, fame, and more power was the number one goal. Her lust for money was just beginning as we will find out later. 

During that time, she learned a technique she is still using to this day: Lie until you are absolutely confronted with the evidence, totally boxed into a corner that shows you're guilty, then simply apologize and move on. Avoid the consequences by legal maneuvering, by having friends that owe you in the right positions (like the Justice Department), and simply keep the train rolling along. Never admit you did anything wrong. A totally unethical act gets recharacterized as "a mistake". When someone brings it up again, you put the person down and say, "I already apologized. Why can't we just move on?" You can't just run around committing fraud, lying to Congress and America and the FBI, hatch fraudulent charities and take money for Haiti and use if for your daughters wedding, private jets and 5 star hotels, apologize ONLY WHEN YOUR CAUGHT and then expect NO CONSEQUENCES.

Her list of lies is so long that entire web pages have been devoted to them, but the latest one is that she stated this past week that she was in NYC when the planes hit the towers...and she was not. Just like she was not being shot at by snipers in Boznia, just like there was no video to start the attack in Benghazi, just like she did not send and receive confidential emails, just like she lied about having immigrant grandparents, just like she said she left the White House dead broke, just like she didn't remove evidence...the lies just go on and on.  

HERE IS A NEWS ARTICLE LISTING HER LIES: http://www.washingtontimes.com/news/2016/jun/28/hillary-clintons-history-of-lying-is-a-warning-to-/?gclid=CjwKEAjwnebABRCjpvr13dHL8DsSJABB-ILJlxhP2VQ86Etf-iXsbnawd2eQs6zuNnGq5lMiDIibAxoCCm3w_wcB

Fast forward to Hillary's desire to become a candidate herself. First, she has to become a Senator or something, so she goes to NY and buys a house and becomes a resident and then runs for Senate. She wins. And she does just about nothing the whole time. Not one thing with her name on it with of any real consequence. After all, she was just doing time and preparing for a run at the White House. 

Her big chance comes in 2008 and she runs for the White house, but some black guy named Obama comes along, and he actually has a personality, he connects with the people - something she has NEVER been able to do. People have always said that she can't connect with people. I think its the other way around. People see through her and can't connect with a soul that is pure evil and pure poison. So 2008 race for Democrat nominee is moving along, and she can't believe that she's losing to this guy from nowhere with the name of a terrorist and who wasn't even born in the US. But the survivalist animal that she is, she cuts a deal with Obama. She's going to lose anyway - why not extract something from this idiot before its too late. She offers to throw in the towel and throw her votes to Obama and if he wins, he makes her Secretary of State. And this is where the big money scheme comes together. 

Clintons start a private foundation. Looks good. Looks like we're doing good for the world, right? We can solicit donations and people can get tax write-offs. But what they're really paying for is access to Bill and Hillary...and the Secretary of State. You want to get an approval required by the State Department? Better give $20 million to the Clinton Foundation! If you did, you got what you wanted. We know of NO CASE in which a donor to the Clinton Foundation, who wanted something from the State Department, didn't get what they wanted. Not one. Some people gave over $100 million. 

The Foundation then becomes a really valuable place to hide lavish expenses of the Clintons. Private jets, 5 star hotels, residences and all the rest. It also becomes a valuable payroll for people that have done Clinton dirty work, so can't have government jobs, but have to made happy and kept quiet. Just put them all on the payroll of the Foundation. So although the Foundation may have taken in $2 billion in donations, it has given only a small fraction of its funds to actual charitable causes! To make matters even worse, many of the donors are Islamic countries that sponsor terrorism and have horrible women's rights, if they have any at all. This is more than ironic in that the Foundation has as one of its causes the betterment of women's rights throughout the world.

But this is in fact what has happened, and it fully explains how the Clintons are now worth $200 million, yet they have been public servants throughout their lives. In other words, they took money for access to the State Department and became rich. Its illegal. Its a payoff scheme. And as Senator Cotton of Arkansas says, "It is increasingly looking like the Clinton Foundation is one of the largest money laundering and influence peddling organizations in the world today."

Our Founding Fathers had a vision for this country and its public servants. They did not envision people making careers out of public service. They were ranchers, farmers, cobblestone makers, stone masons, blacksmiths, printers, shop keepers. They then did their public duty to serve a 2 or 4 or 6 year term representing their district, then they went back to what they did before. They were never meant to get rich by being a public servant. This was not the idea! That's why its called public SERVICE. For Hillary and Bill to corrupt this idea and enrich themselves by selling out the American people's assets (Uranium) or by charging an access fee to get State Department approvals is not only an affront, it's illegal.