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Nobody wants to admit it. When I say it, everyone gets very upset, angry, and they either don't want to talk about it or they want to try to convince me I'm wrong. But they can't. 

We are clearly already at war with Islam. There - I said it again. And this war is a global war, which they started as a Global Jihad against Christian-based, peaceful nations and innocent people. World War III is upon us and it is a war started by Islamic Jihad Terrorists, supported by Islamic nations and informal and formal groups throughout the world, including some groups right here in  the USA. Why did they do it? Because it is in their version of the Bible...the Koran...to either convert us or kill us. Convert or Kill. Get it? That's it. Nothing in between. No "live in peace with one another whilst respecting one another." You don't find that in there, apparently. 

Now your average everyday person might say, "No, that's incorrect. We're not at war with Islam, we're just at war with Radical Islamic Terrorists, not Islam itself." Well, if that makes you Latte sipping liberals feel better, then OK. But the truth is the Islamic faith has bred these people, they have bred multiple terrorist organizations, sponsored and funded by Islamic nations and Islamic organizations, formal and informal, throughout the United States and the world. These people live among other Muslims and they are shielded by them. The run-of-the-mill Muslim may be peaceful, but he and the so-called peaceful Islam isn't doing anything to end this, so he will have to pay the price of having us hate his religion, and hate him for his inaction, and possibly suffer the bigotry and racial hate that is coming their way due to their own inaction.  I'm sorry, but that's going to occur. They are going to be discriminated against. I hate discrimination but every group has a responsibility to police its own, to "sweep its own side of the street" so to speak, and the Muslims have done next to NOTHING to stop the terror of the Jihadi's born from their own religion, their own countries, neighborhoods, and families.

Frankly I'm tired of having our boys killed over there for 15 years now. It's time to end it, reset the world order, and keep the troops where they need to be in order to maintain the order into the future. And I mean our troops, and British Troops, and French, and Australian, and German, and Canadian, and Mexican, and everyone else that has a Christian based society that believes in living together in peace is better than the Islamic "Convert or Die" philosophy. 

We have all heard about the atrocities that they perpetrate on those they hate. Cutting off heads, drowning people in cages, raping women, selling them as sex slaves, raping children, then when they are done with them, cutting off their heads, Mutilating the genitals of young women. It goes on and on and its enough to make you throw up and we've talked about it enough in other pieces. Yes, this appears to be a religion of hate, not peace as they will have you believe. I have not seen the peace or any benevolence in the religion at any point in my life, have you? Remember, in their religion, its is perfectly OK to lie to your face if it furthers the goal of Islam, which is to take over the world and become the one and only religion. Therefore, you cannot believe a word they say. This belief, however, I find strangely consistent with the Alinsky model which Obama and Hillary and most Demoncrats follow. Lie as long as you get what you want. The end justifies the means. As long as it furthers your agenda. Remember "keep your doctor"? Just one of many Demoncrat lies. The big lie, of course, is that if you elect us we will make your life better. But look at the inner cities today in America. Look at the poverty rate. It has not gone down, tent cities are everywhere, more people are on welfare than ever before, jobs were shipped overseas, our cities and the families that live in them have been gutted and are now just shells of what they once were, riddled with poverty and blight and homelessness.  

So let's look at some facts. How many major Christian or Jewish terror groups can you name? I thought so. None. I can name about 6 Islamic terror groups off the top of my head without looking it up! Hamas, ISIS, Al-Qaeda, Taliban, Hezbollah, Boko Haram. And who funds them all to some extent? Iran. And who did Obama give $1.7 billion in cash to? Iran. Why is he supporting Iran? Well, its all part of a grand plan, an evil plan which is hard to figure out unless you've spent the time to study the piece "This Explains Everything" in which you will become enlightened. Read this and all of the confusing acts of the Democrats and Obama suddenly become clear. http://totallyright.us/home/2016/9/23/the-most-racially-divided-us-ever. Also, you might want to watch "Dreams of My Real Father", a documentary by Joel Gilbert, and his follow up movie, "There's No Place Like Utopia". 

Islam has something built into it that prevents the "good" Muslims from doing anything to stop the "bad" Muslims. It's a code that doesn't allow them to tell on another Muslim. And on this website some months ago, we wrote a very critical piece entitled "Muslims - Sweep Your Side of the Street" in which we encouraged Muslim leaders from the peace loving areas of Islam to clean up what has happened, what has hatched, what is inside of their neighborhoods, their homelands, inside the core of their very religion. And of course, because of this code, they do nothing. And people die and on and on it goes. Obama gives Iran money and a nuke deal and just about everything else they want, much to the confusion of the average American, and still, they bomb us, kill us, target us, fund terrorists that want to kill us, and laugh at us as they slit our throats. So there is no being gratuitous or compassionate with savage animals that love to cut the heads off Christians, Jews, Americans, British, Germans, French, Belgians, Israeli's, and even their own people. Obama's desire to "work with" these people was a lie. His was a Manchurian Candidacy in which he was planted here to assist them in the Global Jihad, only he didn't get the job done all the way. He did a lot of damage though, and now we have to rectify that. 

So it is left to us to clean up the mess Obama made in the Middle East...again. And why? Because if we don't, they will come to us on our shores. They are, in fact, already here, as we have experienced. And a couple hundred thousand Syrians Obama wanted to allow in here, and whom continue to stream in here until he is out of office, and we are expected to believe that none will turn out to be terrorists? Right. Look at what has happened in Europe. Look at how they have infiltrated and practically taken over entire city blocks in Europe. Here in the US, entire cities. Dearborn, Michigan for example, is all Muslim now. Signs are in Arabic and they aggressively have run out of town anyone that isn't Muslim. The local grocery store there is known to the FBI as a potential money laundering site for funds being sent to terror organizations according to the locals interviewed on television. If we know that it is a potential terror funding depot, why is it still standing? Obama. Why hasn't the FBI raided the place and burned that mother to the ground? Don't want to upset the Muslims, Obama? Well maybe they should get a little upset, and get a little respect for the USA and what we stand for. You want to live here, make money here, and then send it over to terrorists in order to kill US soldiers and plot attacks here on our soil?  Are you kidding me? If it weren't so absurd and evil and stupid I would be laughing. But Obama allows it to occur, along with his lackey Loretta Lynch who is an outright incompetent except at one thing - obfuscating the truth, avoiding answers before Congress, taking the 5th, and covering up for the Clinton and Obama administrations. She's good at all of that. Seriously, how can that grocery store in Dearborn still be standing? 

We didn't want this religious war and we didn't start it, but we have had a leader in the White House that has allowed it to foment, fester, and grow and has even possibly supported it through treasonous actions with Iran (as evil as that sounds, it appears to be the case). But now, there is no denying that this war is upon us, and that unless we admit it, recognize it, call it what it is, a Global Jihad, World War III, and act to defeat it and bring all our resources and allies into the fight to beat it, our way of life will forever be ANNIHILATED. Because that is what the enemy wants. Our annihilation. Their religion allows them to be liars and deceptive if it is the effort to achieve a greater purpose - specifically to further the cause of Islam, which is to draw out your weaknesses through the lies and deception, then defeat you. Our defeat, is of course, the ultimate victory in the cause of Islam. Nothing would be viewed as better than the defeat of the most powerful Christian-based nation on earth, wouldn't you agree?  

I know this is not fun to think about. I know that it's easier to just go get a Latte at Starbucks and talk to your friends about rainbows and unicorns, but for 5 minutes, you need to very clearly understand the situation, think about it, develop your steadfast opinion on it, and when the time comes, support the action required (or demand it) to your fullest ability. 

We are at war with Islam. It's GAME ON for them and has been for some time. I would say that its about time we admitted we are already embroiled in WWIII, and let our enemies see what a resolute America looks like in battle when given the Rules of Engagement to win. When we work in concert with our allies and the gloves are off, we will rain hell down on those that dare to attack us (as they have over and over again for years).

Enough is enough. Time to finish it. 



WWIII - Already Here (Part II)

WWIII - Already Here (Part II)

John McCain is Bought and Paid for By The Left

John McCain is Bought and Paid for By The Left