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I started to get a little worried about 15 years ago, when my wife liked watching shows that belittled men as the major component of its humor. In their effort to make us laugh, I saw something much more sinister in the positioning of the male role as an idiot in prime time shows like Home Improvement, where Tim "The Tool Man Taylor", the father, was constantly shown to be an idiot, doing idiotic things, and the mother and the kids were always making fun of him and making him out to be the dumbest guy in the household. They also showed no respect for the man, and he didn't stand up for himself and demand it as the guy who apparently put the bread on the table in that family. It become part of many, many shows like "Rose Ann", and the worst offender of them all, "Everybody Loves Raymond". My wife loved that one. I started paying attention to this shift in the media. I saw major corporations jump on board by doing the same thing in their commercials. Make the Dad out to be a dummy, sell your product. It started to really bother me. My wife on the other hand, loved it. She adopted that point of view in our household. So I divorced her. Now she can be superior all by herself. 

What this did, however, is raise a generation of young men that didn't see the man as the natural head of the household, that didn't respect the man of the household if he was in the home. It also caused a number of us, me included, to reject that constant feeling of disrespect, and leave, which didn't help those young men, I admit. But it did show them that when a man stands up for himself, he can continue to support THEM, but doesn't have to put up with a woman in the house that abuses him verbally and disrespects him in front of the children and others. Women can be leaders of the world, they can be leaders in their communities, they can be leaders in their home, but if the method which they choose to lead is to diminish the role or importance of a man in the house, or anywhere, then you can count me out. That's a mistake. Most women figure it out and keep their families together, or they don't figure it out and they get to wake up alone every day. 

This sexism against men has worked its way into our educational system, courtesy of the Liberal Democrats and their evil followers that want, among other things, to eliminate gender, race, religion, the family unit, and the Constitution from our lives in the USA. Well, America stood up and rejected this, finally, and said, "We want America to be great again, and the direction you liberals are sending us in is the wrong way, an evil way, a way that has lost us our jobs, destroyed the family unit, and made our cities and schools more dangerous, and disrespected our Constitution. We don't want socialism, communism, or progressivism or whatever you decide to call it in the next election. We believe in the values put down by our Founding Fathers in a Constitution that made us a great nation. 

“That’s why (Hillary) didn’t get those women voters among folks that had not graduated college in those parts of the country. Her form of feminism discriminates against their sons. It’s racist. It’s sexist. My university practices it. Just about every university in the country practices it,” University of Maryland Business Professor Peter Morici lamented.

“For example, do you know that 60 percent of the college graduates are females? Now, if we just had wrapped up eight years of Donald Trump and that was the case [in reverse], they’d be screaming bloody murder that he wasn’t using the Department of Education to level the playing field,” he contended.

“Instead, the Department of Education is systematically pushing universities to further bias the system against boys, and it does it very, very well. More boys drop out of high school, fewer go to college, fewer graduate, and so it goes,” Morici said.

It is time for men to be fully aware of how they are being screwed by the Mainstream Media and the liberal populated judicial system by Hillary's brand of feminism, by an increasingly militant female run DOJ and court system that sees men as the bad guy first, or as only a paycheck in a divorce, instead of as a parent...and instead start looking at men as the more likely sane parent that is more likely to be fit to take care of the children instead of simply assuming that the mother is where the kids belong. Mothers need to be drug tested before we hand over custody, because half of them out here in California are drunks, popping pills or doing drugs, which tends to make them a bit whacked and not fit for raising kids in my humble opinion.  I will readily admit that not all men are perfect, but the ASSUMPTION that the kids should be with the mother needs to END. Too many of them have proven to be whack job pill popping drunken nutjobs. 

It is time to be aware of what message the media is sending to our children about men. Does the show make fun of men and boys? Does it consistently show the women in the show to be superior and attempt to get a laugh out or you at the expense of the male roles in the show? Does the comedian you're watching or listening to consistently make fun of men? Does your local or national political representative talk about things like "gender equality" and "income equality" and "safe spaces"? If so, justt be aware that they are liberals, and know that their agenda is not an agenda that will be friendly to your sons and your husbands...or your family values for that matter. 

It is also time for us to monitor what our teachers are telling our children in class. What kind of "indoctrination" are they giving them? Men are pigs? Sexual predators? Just because are you characterized as someone that should be feared? Be ever vigilant.  

With respect to the bashing of men, stop putting evil into the ears of our sons about how they are bad just because they are male. This is pure evil. You should instead be lifting them up and telling them how with their maleness comes the responsibility to protect others, take care of others, be a leader of others, be a good father, be a good husband, be an honest person that gives more back to America than he takes from it. This is what you should be preaching to our sons. Not your demeaning, sexist rhetoric meant to eliminate the roles of genders in our society, just like you have tried to destroy the importance of Christianity, the Family Dinner Table, and pride in the American Way. 

Young men: Be a proud man, be a man, and don't let any of these man-haters that might be your teachers or others make you feel bad for being a man. Find women to marry that love a real man, that appreciates a true and real man, a woman that will hold you in high regard for the things that make you a man.   

Destroy what made America great you will not, liberal elites, man-haters, gender eliminators, constitutional hate-mongers, and silly young snowflakes that need safe spaces.

The Deplorables have spoken. All 61 million of us. We stood up and defended what makes America great, and we will continue to put America and its values on the right track once again.


LIBERAL FEEDBACK: After this article was published, a liberal commented to me that "White men cannot be discriminated against because they have all the power." This woman said, and she meant it, that only women, blacks, Latino's, LGBT people can be discriminated against. This is what I'm talking about. This simply shows that in fact discrimination is in full bloom against men, and white men in particular I guess, particularly when the person in a position to do the discriminating is a liberal. 


The Left Still Spinning Web of Lies - Racism, Sexism, Inequality

The Left Still Spinning Web of Lies - Racism, Sexism, Inequality