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Scandal Scorecard: Hillary Wins Again

 I was thinking about this race for President and how hard Hillary is trying to make Trump out to be a horrible and bad person, and it struck me that in any sport, you keep score to see who wins and who loses.

So I wondered, if we had a column on the left for Hillary and a column on the right for Trump, and we listed every scandal for both of them, what would that look like? It rapidly became clear to me that the weight of the scandals on Hillary's side of the scorecard was so much bigger and longer. I looked at the seriousness of Hillary's scandals: the loss of lives, the breaking of laws, the destruction of people's characters and lives, the attacks on Bill's Bimbo's, her lies to Congress, the cover ups and the lies to cover up in scandal after scandal, the violation of congressional protection orders, the creation of a secret unauthorized private computer server designed to cover up both Benghazi and Clinton Foundation Pay for Play personal wealth enrichment plan, the destruction  of emails to cover up all of this, the lies to the families of Benghazi survivors while standing over their coffins, taking money personally from Sharia law countries to enrich herself, selling our countries assets and access to our State Department to the highest bidder, plotting and scheming with the DNC to bury Bernie Sanders. And this just scratches the surface. 

What did Trump do? Not much, frankly. Look at Hillary's ads bashing Trump. It's not about what he DID, it's about what he SAID. The big difference here is that Trump hasn't DONE anything that is criminal, that would get him investigated by the FBI. Hillary has DONE things that are criminal, DONE things that have cost lives, DONE things that are unethical and that have gotten her investigated by the FBI.  

I started laughing when I was putting the list for Trump together. Comparing Trump to Hillary in this way was like comparing a guy with jay-walking tickets to a person convicted of multiple homicides and I started to see how stupid it is for anyone on the Trump campaign to allow Hillary to attack DT in the next debate. Trump needs to simply point out that Hillary is talking about things he said...and what he is talking about are things that Hillary has DONE. 

Good grief. Someone should put her out of our misery. Please. 


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