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BREAKING NEWS: DOJ Drops Turi Case to Protect Hillary Clinton's Presidential Run

BREAKING NEWS: DOJ Drops Turi Case to Protect Hillary Clinton's Presidential Run

Mark Turi was approved by Hillary Clinton to sell arms. And he did sell arms. Then, the Obama administration had to find a fall guy for the Libyan disaster, and they picked Mark Turi. Hillary needed a scapegoat for her total mishandling of the Libyan affair which cost 4 Americans their lives. In Benghazi, while they begged for military help from the State Department, while the military was standing by and ready and willing and prepared to be in Benghazi within an hour to help, Clinton REFUSED TO SEND ANY AMERICAN FIREPOWER TO HELP THEM. Then she lied to the families of the dead Americans, and she lied about a phony video tape, saying it was the reason for the attack, then she deleted emails relating to Benghazi. It has become widely known that this was a trumped up cover her tracks BS story, a fantasy, made up by Hillary and her team, to cover up her failure to act to protect Americans who worked for her at a critical time...and it cost the lives of 4 brave Americans, including a US Ambassador. She hung them out to die. Then she had to try and cover it up.  

But Turi had an ace in the hole. He simply said, if you want to prosecute me, we're going to tell everyone in the discovery of the case, exactly what Hillary Clinton did when she was Secretary of State. We will expose her talks about arming anti-Qaddafi rebels, cast additional scrutiny on Hillary Clinton's private and unsecure emails during that time. Many of the emails between Turi and Clinton took place on Hillary's now well known unauthorized email server in which she deleted 33,000 emails, it is believed, in order to cover up many things, including the Libya issue as well as the State Department "Pay to Play" scandal. 

So many scandals - they are all starting to run together. Well, they ALL have ONE connection: Hillary Clinton. 

Turi's lawyers requested a slew of documents that they were supposed to deliver by today. Instead, the Obama DOJ, run by the "Clinton Cover Up Expert" Loretta Lynch, decided to quietly drop the case. But quiet isn't what happened. A Turi associate suggested that it is possible the government dropped the case becuase the proceedings of the case would have embarrassed Clinton and Obama by calling attention to the role of their administration in supplying weapons that fell into the hands of Islamic extremist militants. 

Yet another DOJ cover up of yet another disastrous failure by Hillary and Obama. As Secretary of State, name one thing of any consequence that went right when Hillary was there. 

She's a failure at everything except covering up her failures and creating an ingeneous - but evil - Pay for Play scheme while at the State Department in order to enrich herself and her family PERSONALLY while she was supposedly acting as a public servant. 

You can't just screw up over and over again and then apologize for it and ask everyone to move on. And make you President DESPITE whatever you've done. That IS NOT THE REAL WORLD WORKS. Eventually, your track record of screw ups, cover-ups and failures have to be judged and you have to be held accountable. 

By the way, Clinton destroyed Turi's life in her effort to make him the scapegoat. As he says it, "The government took away my life, my savings, and my company that I worked so hard to build to serve our nation, and for what?" 

Turi isn't the first person Hillary has destroyed in her relentless pursuit of power and money. And it probably won't be the last. 



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