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FBI Bought Off By Clinton Crime Cartel?

FBI Bought Off By Clinton Crime Cartel?

There are numerous respected television hosts, journalists, congressmen and others stating complete outrage and calling for the resignation of James Comey. Comey showed absolutely no capability to answer questions before Congress last week in response to questioning related to the multiple immunity deals he has granted to Clinton Crime Cartel family members that helped her HIDE AND DESTROY EVIDENCE after Congress issued subpeonas requiring them not to. 

Now, if the FBI is issuing immunity deals to everyone "like candy" to quote Congressman Jason Chaffetz, then there must be a good reason, right? What's the end game? Are we going to see an indictment of Hillary? That would be the logical end game and would adequately explain why these incredible "get out of  jail free" cards have been issued to people that have outright done her bidding to hide and destroy evidence. Using BleachBit to scrape email servers. Lying to Congress under oath. Lying to the FBI under oath. All were forgiven in exchange for immunity. 

And what did Comey say they got for it? NOTHING. THEY GOT NOTHING. 

So Comey is either absolutely in on the fix, or he's the dumbest piece of shit to ever run the FBI. Either way, he's got to go. He has tarnished the name of the agency to such and extent that he longer has the confidence of his men, and more importantly, he has absolutely destroyed the American people's confidence in the FBI. Both are bad, both mean he has to go, and we expect to see additional calls for his resignation this week. I wonder if he will become Head of Clinton Foundation Security when he's booted out of office? Just another person to add to the Clinton Foundations $29 million payroll (even though it only gave $9 million to charity).  Hmmmmm. 

Asking for Comey to resign is TOTALLY RIGHT.


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