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Benghazi: Hillary Needed Them to Die

Benghazi: Hillary Needed Them to Die

Hillary would like you to think that the Benghazi affair was just something that happened. At the worst, she would like you to think that it was a random act of terrorism brought about by a video that made civilians mad and that her State Department did what it could, but it was an unfortunate situation that maybe could have been handled better. And she would like us to simply move on. The National Review said that Benghazi should have ended her career without a doubt. It didn't. We thought that lying to the FBI and Congress and the American people would be grounds for an Impeachment and the end of her career. For some very strange reason, it hasn't. 

Hillary just wants us to move on and forget Benghazi. Sorry Hillary, we won't, we can't, and we shouldn't.   

We think Benghazi was something very different than what Hillary wants you to think. You have to start with asking the question of why was there a diplomatic outpost there to begin with, long after everyone else on the planet had left Benghazi. Even the Red Cross had bailed out of what was considered the most dangerous city on the planet. So why was Ambassador Stevens there? Secondly, why was there a CIA base of operations there? What were they doing, really? 

We are now able to piece together information from the release of Hillary Clinton's emails (those that she wasn't able to delete) obtained from outside sources that were able to recover them from her illegal, unauthorized, secret personal email server. The mere fact that they were obtainable by an outside third party at all proves without any doubt that she violated her own State Department confidentiality policies and that her communications were obtainable by potential enemies of the State and endangered lives. This information leads us to what we think is the real reason for the Benghazi operation and why Hillary didn't do more to protect a US Ambassador and 30 Americans on the ground there, essentially leaving them to die. 

During her tenure as Secretary of State, Hillary herself states that she "led" the effort to overthrow Qaddafi, the Libyan leader. This did happen, Qaddafi did fall. This left Libya in a state of political unrest with warring factions vying for power in the vacuum. Documents now released very recently show that the Obama administration and Hillary Clinton had warning in advance of the potential attack and that the attack had been planned for 10 days in advance. These documents also confirm that US officials were aware of weapons being shipped, through Hillary Clinton's State Departments directives, to Syria through Benghazi, supposedly to help anti-Assad rebel forces. The problem is, just like in the Iran Contra arms deal, this would look really bad on Obama and Hillary if it got out. It might look like America was actually arming terrorists, and the American people would go nuts. It would make the Obama and Hillary administration look really bad, and most importantly, all this is happening something like 56 days to a US election. An Iran-Contra scandal right before the election? Got to put a lid on that, right? 

Instead of allowing the truth to come out - that Hillary and Obama were behind an arms deal that armed Islamic Terrorists - they decided to allow this attack to take place even though they knew about it in advance. They did nothing, despite their advance knowledge, to add protection to the Ambassador or the CIA post. This would create a publicity diversion. And because Chris Stevens and the CIA people "knew too much", perhaps its better to allow - or even encourage or support - this attack. Allow all the US citizens on the ground there to die, and with them dies the knowledge of the arms deal. After all, the real reason for the CIA base might have been to oversee the arms deal. Blame the attack on a video, blame it on a random group of Libyan citizens that were upset over a video, blame it on whatever. Once they're all dead, we can pull out of Benghazi, call it an unfortunate accident, and the focus will be on the tragedy and not the scandal of an illegal arms deal. 

If this sounds like a bit "out there", simply look at the actions of the administration and Hillary Clinton throughout this affair and tell me that this scenario is still so hard to believe. 

1. Why was Chris Stevens and the CIA there after everyone else on the planet had left?

2. Why didn't Hillary Clinton authorize additional security after having advance knowledge of a pending threat, and after hundreds of DIRECT REQUESTS from Chris Stevens himself and the CIA personnel. 

3. Once the attack had begun, the people on the ground were in contact with the Pentagon and with US military bases around the world, and with the State Department literally BEGGING for help. None came. None were sent. Hillary is silent. Even after the fighting had stopped and our people were at the airport, no US plane came to pick them up. 

4. Within minutes of the event happening, Hillary starts working on a "reason" for this to have occurred that will put her and the Obama administration in the berst light. She comes up with the video narrative which was completely debunked and proven to be a fabrication on her part before Congress. Her response to Congressional questioning was "What difference does it make?". 

5. After our brave Americans are shipped to safety, Hillary Clinton continues to tell the video story, lying to the families of the dead Americans that were left behind that day to die. 

We know Hillary is a congenital liar. We also know that she was fired by the Watergate Committee when she was 27 for trying to circumvent the US Constitution, the rules of the House of Representatives, and the rules of the Watergate Committee itself. She is considered highly secretive. She deletes thousands of emaisl, many of them likely Benghazi related. She destroys illegal communication devices, about 12 or 13 in total, with hammers. She covered up for her husband and his affairs, destroying the women's lives who were brave enough to come forward and tell the truth in the face of the most powerful person i the western world. 

Is it really that much of a stretch to think that this woman, this person, wouldn't allow 30 people to potentially die in order to cover up an arms deal event like Iran-Contra, an event that could derail her quest for power? 

Trust me, she left them to die, we know this to be true. The facts are the facts. But she left them to die, not because she is incompetent, but because she needed them to die to cover up the arms deal that was going to come out and sink her goal to become ruler of America someday. At the very least, she needed us all to focus on the tragedy, the event, not the reason for the event. She's proven that she can instigate violence at Trump rallies by hiring thugs to commit illegal acts and incite violence, and this is just a campaign. You really think she wouldn't let 30 Americans die in order to preserve her quest for the ultimate position of power in the world? 


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