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Our Founding Fathers Wanted You to Have a Gun

Our Founding Fathers Wanted You to Have a Gun

And Our Elected Officials Swore an Oath to Defend That Right

(Note: This article was written BEFORE Trump was elected)

Like a river naturally travels down the mountain to the sea, the natural proclivity of a federal government is to become more and more powerful and eventually try to control every aspect of the lives of those it was created to serve. Along the way, it slowly takes away the very rights that it was put in place to protect, again just like a river eroding away the pebbles and stones that make the mountain tall and great. This happens because these rights get in the way of liberal leaders ultimate goal which is to have control and be seen as “powerful”.

It is a hard thing to do…walk the line as a leader of a nation which gives the true power of that nation to the people. Weak leaders attempt to take away rights in order to exercise control. Just like in your relationships, it takes a strong person to allow ones partner freedom. Conversely, it is a weak, small and scared person that attempts to control ones partner in order to make themselves feel safe and powerful.

We have to remember that the American “experiment” was RADICAL. Giving the power to the people was unheard of. And as many have pointed out, this notion of a government formed to protect the rights of the people is a precious but fragile thing, one that takes strong leaders that are strong enough to trust the people, give the ultimate power and decision making to the people, strong enough to defend rights of the people instead of limiting and removing rights from them.  

Our nation, and states like California, are being run by weak, scared, and egomaniacal people. I’m talking about the liberal elite controlled state legislatures. They don’t trust you and they want to control you. They don’t respect you or the oath that they took to preserve your rights when they took office. In order to control you, Obama and Hillary and the Democrats have worked HARD from the day they were elected to TAKE AWAY your rights, not preserve them. When confronted with this, they admit to it openly and say that they will never give up and will continue to chip away at your rights until you only have the ones THEY want you to have, not the ones that you are entitled to by God, in nature, or in the Constitution. This leftist Democrat progressive socialist/communist disdain for  the Constitution is most troubling as it is the very foundation of our culture, the basis for the great American experiment and the vision of our forefathers. The Democrat leadership that is promoting this anti-American attack on our rights, on us a Americans, and on our Constitution are Tom Perez, the leader of the DNC, Hillary Clinton and the entire Clinton Crime Family Syndicate, our former President Barack Hussein Obama, Nancy Pelosi, Elizabeth Warren, Kamala Harris, Bernie Sanders, and the list keeps going. 

The thing that is most shocking is that these elected and appointed officials have sworn an oath to uphold the Constitution of the United States as a requirement to take office, yet the minute they are sworn in, they begin to try to limit your rights or remove them. They have forgotten, or don’t care, that our nation was put in place to DEFEND your rights, yet still they work to take them away. It's treasonous in my opinion to take an oath and then work to destroy what you've sworn to uphold. 

Treason is defined by Webster as “acting to overthrow ones government or harm or kill its sovereign; and as the betrayal of a trust or confidence, a breach of faith, treachery.” Any elected official that moves to remove your Constitutional rights should immediately be brought up on charges. Working to remove your rights after taking an oath to defend them, is certainly a betrayal of our trust and faith in their commitment to their sworn oath. They swore an oath to defend and uphold our Constitution. This means defending ALL our rights under that document. The oath doesn’t say defend and uphold only the rights they like! Over 1 million people have died in military service since the founding of our country to defend our Constitution. Not upholding it is not only disrespectful, it borders on treason if you are an elected official in my humble opinion.

If they didn’t like the Constitution, they shouldn’t have taken the oath. For them to do so is devious and we need to call them out on their plot of treachery.

Now, the NRA, as well as its state affiliates, are working hard to make sure that our rights are protected. Not just the second amendment. ALL our rights. It’s amazing that the liberal left has been so successful at demonizing the NRA. ALL Americans should belong to the NRA and support it, because without them, we would have already become a totally disarmed public, vulnerable to domestic tyranny and possibly foreign invasion. Without the NRA ALL our rights are at risk. If they destroy the 2nd Amendment, then how far is it for the government to then first limit your rights to own property, then eventually confiscate it altogether? An all powerful, greedy, arrogant government like that in California or under Obama at the federal level is a very dangerous thing. Why do you think sales of prepper supplies, guns, and ammunition are booming? 

Yes, the right to bear arms is an NRA focus, but it’s important to understand why the NRA is not just about gun rights. Simply put, when a government takes away your right to have a gun, they can then take away every other right you have. The Founding Fathers made this clear.

Our Founding Fathers were not confused at all on this issue, and pointed out in multiple writings that an all-powerful centralized government can easily become tyrannical. They saw it happen in Britain, and all of us have seen it happen over and over again throughout the ages and in modern times, and in modern nations. As Ben Shapiro says on this topic, the idea that “This can’t happen here” is why his German Jewish relatives are ashes.

Progressivism is the new name for Socialism and Communism. It’s what the Democrats have renamed it. The first move by a tyrannical communist socialist government is to make as many people as possible dependent upon the central government for food and health care and housing. Or, they take advantage of a severe economic situation to do this, just as we saw Hitler and now Obama do. Obama jumped on a US economy that was rocked by the 2008-2009 economic crash. Sadly, under Obama, the US central government has weaponized its agencies and expanded its powers through hundreds of insane executive orders and accomplished even more centralized control over a large portion of the populace. 46.5 million people – almost 15% of our nation – is on food stamps. (Source: USDA Food and Nutrition Service) ObamaCare qualifies millions of people for free health care. 4.8 million households receive housing assistance through Section 8 which was created in 1974 to temporarily assist people out of poverty, but has instead trapped them in it. (Source: The Atlantic – June 24, 2015) The Earned Income Tax Credit will pay a person with 3 or more kids around $6,800 a year at tax refund time! Make little to no money, qualify for a massive tax refund check. What? It’s a welfare subsidy. It’s free money. It’s $500 a month on top of the food stamps. On top of all of that, millions of people get a monthly check…as a reward for being poor and staying poor.

Look, I’m not heartless. I’ve been out of work, I’ve crashed and burned, and having some unemployment compensation to help during those times helped to get back on my feet. But unemployment is far from welfare the welfare system which traps generations into poverty. You and your employer actually pay into the unemployment system to fund it, so it is not welfare. But seriously, we all know that the welfare system is broken. If it doesn’t work, why is it still in place? There has to be a reason, right? It’s not just inertia. It is because if fits the liberal elite agenda of controlling the populace. Keeping you sheep is the goal.

The number of people in poverty has increased by 6 million people since Obama took office. That’s an increase of 15%. (NPR.org 8-17-15) They say he has failed America’s poor.  That’s for certain. But he has not failed the lefts big agenda…making as many people as possible dependent upon the central government! More people in poverty, more people hooked on his new healthcare plan which is MANDATORY…where you are penalized for not joining it. What the hell is that? That sounds more like the old Soviet Union than America.  What will these nuts think of next? Not paying into the healthcare system will be a felony? It’s coming, trust me. Especially if Hillary gets into office.

Remember, they need to get you all hooked before they take away the BIG rights, like land ownership, free speech, freedom of religion, and ownership of guns.

The next move, and they’re pushing on this one really hard and fast now, is to take away guns, so that the ability to tax us relentlessly cannot be opposed and the ability to remove you from your money/property cannot be opposed. They will never tell you that they’re taking away another of your most important rights, if not the most important one. They are crafty, they are smart. In California, they called their bills names like “The Safety for All Act”. Sounds great doesn’t it? Who doesn’t want to be safer? Except that what it really does is make you less safe…by preventing every man woman and child the right and ability to bear arms and defend themselves. When they take your land away, it will be with an act that is named “The Freedom for All Act” or something like that. They’re good marketers. Beware as they propose good sounding acts that actually restrict your rights and actually remove your rights.

The Founding Fathers WANTED you to have a gun. Our founders felt that having an armed populace would keep tyrannical government tendencies (and the egomaniacal people that run them) in check. And they were right! If I'm the leader of a country filled with people that have the ability to shoot me, I'm going to want as many of the people in the country as possible LOVING me, not hating me. But, if you’re on the federal government crack train, you will give up your rights in order to get the crack you so desperately think you need now, whether it be your free Obama phone, your free food, your free housing. 

It’s all about power and control. Power over you, control over you and your money. Everything you have becomes theirs if they want it.

Liberal elite leftists will say things like “We’ve moved beyond the need for an armed citizenry in modern society” and things to that effect. Not true. There are several nations in the world RIGHT NOW that have hooked the people on their free food and housing handouts, and have then disarmed their population…and these governments now exercise total control over their people. These countries are called dictatorships, socialistic states or monarchies, but it doesn’t matter what they call themselves. What matters is what rights the people have been forced to give up over time in exchange for the governments crack cocaine of food housing and subsidies, and the position of the people today is that of pathetic, compliant, fearful sheep with no recourse against their leaders or governments.

In a government such as this, people live in fear, they do not feel free. They do not feel they have the right to speak freely for fear of personal attacks, government reprisals, prison, jailing, or just plain “disappearing”. Our nation is beginning to feel like this. The left is violently persecuting conservative thought and conservative speech. Look at what happened at Berkeley as just one example of how conservative thought or speech is being crushed and how liberals are violently attacking conservatives physically. 

Is this what our nation has become? It feels like Nazi Germany! Political correctness is actually very dangerous. It is free speech that allows for the preservation of freedom. This oppression is where political correctness comes from. It is how this all starts. People become afraid of speaking their minds for fear of being “politically incorrect”. Since when, in our great nation, is it not OK to state your views even if it’s an opposing view to the elected officials who are in office? Since when does the Democrat Party try to suppress free speech? Well, under the Democrats and Obama, if you speak out against their agenda, you are attacked as a bigot, a racist, a redneck, or worse. They move to destroy you personally. The irony is that this is intolerance in the extreme, coming from a party that preaches that it’s the party of tolerance. We need to replace our weak progressive socialist leaders with strong ones.

This fear of an over-reaching tyrannical federal government was so palpable and so strong among our Founding Fathers that James Madison gave us guidelines – stating in Federalist No 46 that the number of people that the federal government can allow into a federal military force cannot be more than 1/25th of the number of people in the country that are allowed to bear arms. Why? So that the people could, if necessary, repel a tyrannical federal government if they had to.

But the right of a man or woman to defend themselves and their families was created long before the Second Amendment, in multiple places. Jewish law – in the Talmud – states “If someone comes to kill you, arise quickly and kill him.” Christian doctrine states “Someone who defends his life is not guilty of murder even if he is forced to deal his aggressor a lethal blow”. Protestant Doctrine states: An individual has a personal and unalienable right to self-defense, even against government.” Jesus advised his disciples to arm themselves in Luke 22:36 in order to prevent likely persecution. John Locke (1690) stated that the government is in place to protect a person’s rights that exist in nature. One of these is the right to defend your life – as the rights he is talking about are life, liberty, and property. Cicero, Rome’s leading orator, argued that the right to self-defense is natural and inborn and not a creation of government. He argued that the right to use weapons was a necessary part of the right to self-defense and any view to the contrary was silly nonsense.

If the right to defend oneself and one’s family is born in nature, granted by God, then how can a government of, by and for the people limit it, restrict it, or act to prevent it? It cannot. The entire premise of modern political thinkers like John Locke and our Founding Fathers whom came after him is that there ARE rights that all human beings have, that these rights come from a power higher than any government, and that if one is to create a government, that entity should protect those rights as its core reason for being.

People that take handouts from the federal government become sheep. Compliant, dependent, pathetic. They weaken our country. People that chose to work, earn their own money, live within their means however humble that may be, make their own way without taking government money, are the strength and backbone of our nation. They are not dependent upon the crack cocaine that the federal government tries to hook them on. They have true freedom and live lives of freedom and would NEVER allow a federal government to take away their rights. The government can’t threaten them or force them to comply.

What are you going to do about it? Who are you going to choose to be? I pray you choose to be strong, be independent, be faithful, and resist the temptation to take the government crack. Vote to keep your rights – all of them. Not just some of them. Don’t just read the name of the act you’re being asked to vote on – read the act. It might not be what it sounds like. If you can’t comprehend it, ask someone you respect for their opinion. Look online for a summary and arguments for and against it from credible sources. The “Safety for All Act” in California is a “Get Rid of Guns, Remove Your Rights” Act. It is a con job. And the people of California may just approve it. Let’s not let that happen at the national level. 

NOTE FROM THE AUTHOR: This article is the most read post on our blog, resonating with many people and re-posted on other sites. It was originally written in Summer, 2016 and updated and edited for additional content on October 18, 2016. 


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