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If Trump Loses - Here's Why

If Trump Loses - Here's Why

Never in the history of our Country have we seen a candidate have to swim upstream as hard as Donald Trump. What we are observing is an amazing show of strength and bravery by a man that has been abandoned by his own party, who is being attacked from within his own party, and attacked by Hollywood liberal elites. It's extraordinary. Regardless of what you may think about Trump, you have to be impressed with him. He has provided tens of millions of regular Americans with the first opportunity in decades to take back our nation from the corrupt political elite - and I direct that at both Republican and Democratic politicians. Those hopes now appear to have been dashed - with around 25 days to go to the election - and here's why: 

Mainstream Media Liberal Bias. The mainstream media has never been this one-sided. Not only do they never give time to a positive Trump piece on the air, they devote hours and hours of time DAILY to those that bash Trump - putting out the message directed to them from the Clinton Crime Family, as proved by the hacked emails from the Clinton campaign. There is one pro-trump media outlet and every other outlet is pro-Hillary. It's like a 5 on 1 gang up beat down. CNN is officially now known in conservative circles as "Clinton News Network". Nobody is worse than little Anderson "put-it-in-my-pooper" Cooper, who spent an hour last night on CNN with that old hag that claims that Donald groped her on an airplane. An hour!? Jeez, Anderson, you 5'2" gadfly. Looking at her, I know why she would remembers it so well...it was probably the last time a man touched her. Gross. She looks like a lesbian for goodness sake. Strong possibility she's a Clinton Crime Family plant.  

Republican Political Elite. Well they never liked Donald, they didn't take him seriously, and they were really shocked that he won the nomination fair and square. Forget that the message he was putting out connected with millions of Americans, brought millions of people into the Republican Party in a way not seen since President Reagan. Forget all that. They hate him. Kasich in Ohio is the worst of them, along with Paul Ryan. John Kasich - the Governor of swing state Ohio, maybe the most important state in the whole election, is acting like a whiny little b*tch and won't endorse him. He promised he would, but he isn't. He would rather elect Hillary. Romney goes on television and gives an eviscerating speech condemning Trump. Romney couldn't get elected with all the support of the Republic Party with him and all the money in the world. Loser. Paul Ryan goes on a Republican Party conference call with all those in the House of Representatives and tells them that he's not supporting Trump and that they will all have his blessing, essentially, if they follow his lead. He does this with less than 30 days to go in race. Ryan totally abandons his responsibility to get his candidate elected. Cruz and Rubio,  I must say, at least endorsed him, living up to their pledge to do so in the Primary race. Give them credit for that. But even they abandon him when it comes to campaigning with him. Kasich, however, has shown no sign of endorsing Trump, and with the recent Billy Bush video, he likely won't. Kasich and Ryan carry the responsibility for the loss, if it occurs. The Republicans seem to think that it's OK to lose this one and position for the next one. What they don't know is that the Trumplicans will leave the Republican Party to a third party not yet formed, but which will be formed out of all this mess. Trump and his people, and his following, will create something meaningful out of all this - just watch. Which means that the Republican Party will be forever fractured, and they will never have a chance to gain power in either Congress or the White House, leaving it wide open for Democrat rule for the next 2-4 decades. That's a bad result any way you look at it. 

Successful Clinton Crime Syndicate/Hollywood Smear Campaign - Billy Bush is a little piece of crap Hollywood gadfly "personality" along the lines of Anderson "Gadfly" Cooper. - he sure isn't a "reporter" by the definition I subscribe to. Then you have the Clinton campaign generated Robert DiNiro tape that says that he wants to punch Donald Trump in the face. What an ass kissing move, Robert, and who the hell do you think you are compared to Trump? He'd kick your little old fragile actor butt on the streets of NYC with one hand tied behind his back. Trying to be all hard. Makes me laugh. 

Voter Fraud by Democratic Party. Nobody does voter fraud better than the Democrats. They love illegal immigrants, get them drivers licenses, and get them to the polls in bus convoys. They find dead people and get people to vote in their names. They make sure that a voting place cannot ask for any identification that shows you are a citizen of the US...thus ensuring that non citizens can come in and vote. Often, the Democrats load them up on buses and take them to multiple polls and they vote more than once! Amazingly brazen. And they just don't care. The ends justify the means, even the means is against the law. 

Democrats Success in Preying on Fears of Poor and Immigrants. Democrats tell the poor and immigrants that if they elect a Republican, the free stuff, like food, money, housing, will disappear. That these people might have to get a job or go to work. They tell the immigrants that they'll be deported. They tell Blacks that they'll make their lives better and get them more free stuff by raising taxes on the rich. It's disgusting but effective. 

Democrats Successfully Position Trump as "Unfit and Unqualified". The message that the Clinton Crime Syndicate came out with about Trump being unfit has been repeated so much that people have started to believe it. That's how it works with the masses, and the Democrats know it. Repeat it often enough and they come to believe it. Hitler knew this and used it quite effectively. So despite how corrupt and unfit Hillary is, no matter how many bad decisions she has made that call her qualifications into question, she has effectively taken her weakness as a leader and human being that can't tell the truth, and projected it onto her opponent. It's devious, its ruthless, its disgusting, but again - its working. 

Women Who Just Want a Woman for President Remember when black people were asked who they were voting for back in 2008 and they said Obama...because he was black? Well, women are doing the same thing in this election. Despite the obvious lies, cover ups, and law breaking, there are women who think its more important to have a woman in than all of that. It's hard to believe that this could be the woman they want to represent them...I would think someone like Condoleeza Rice would be more fitting...more honest...more qualified. Even though they KNOW she's corrupt and a liar, they are voting for her. Just because they want a woman as President. Remember what we got when the people voted for Obama...a Muslim socialist traitor who has given aide to the enemy (Islamic Terror States), has allowed countless criminal immigrants to enter and remain in the country, even after they have been caught, ruined the healthcare system in the USA, weaponized the IRS against the right, weaponized the EPA against manufacturing businesses, and weaponized the census bureau to force companies to divulge confidential information, and has not done anything to make our homeland safer. People overlooked his real devious agenda, his love of Islam and Muslims, his desire to bring our system of government down from within, and just voted for him because he was black. That was, in retrospect, stupid, and many blacks now realize it. Their lives have not improved with Obama...he lied to them. He used them, as they have been used so many times before, to get votes. Then he forgets about them. Hillary will do the same thing to blacks and women...use them for votes and then forget them. Her hacked emails already show the level of disdain she and her people have for the average person, Catholics, and Latino's. 

How Can Trump Win? Many think the polls don't tell the real story. The secret Trump vote was the 20-25% of Americans that were under the radar, the ones that were undecided or independent, women that were disgusted with Hillary, Blacks that couldn't say they liked Trump in front of their friends, but would likely pull the lever for him in the voting booth confidentially. Some of that has been blown apart with the Billy Bush video. But there is a pollster out there, Spencer Kimball, who says the race is still really tight, even after the Billy Bush video. Like within a point here and there, and up by 1 point in Kasich's Ohio. Kimball says that the race will probably boil down to North Carolina and Ohio. If Trump can't win those states, he likely loses. 

Wikileaks continues to pour out the emails it obtained from the Clinton Crime Organization. The foundation, the State Department, the DNC. Wikileaks has them all. The continue to put them out - now almost ever day - and they continue to be damning to Hillary and her people. They show she is a two faced fraud who has corrupted the DOJ and the FBI, who has corrupted the mainstream media. All of them are running cover up for her. Anderson "Gadfly" Cooper let a lying old woman stay on CNN in prime time for an hour the other night, telling her lies about how Donald Trump groped her on a plane. When a British man comes forward and says, "I was actually on that flight, with both of them, and she's a liar". But Anderson doesn't spend any time talking about that. He doesn't put that guy on TV. What a little weak ass bitch you are, Anderson. All of the major media personalities and Hillary's campaign surrogates are filling in for her while she supposedly "prepares for the debate", which means that she's sleeping for 18 hours a day and then gets stuck with some epi-pen filled with uppers to get her up and around for a bit. The issue of her health is not off the table. She's sick. She has issues. It's was so obvious she was pumped up on drugs at the  last debate, and when it was over, she apparently could barely find the energy to get to the van. Its the reason her aides are always asking her in emails how she's feeling. Its why she very carefully controls access to her by the media and rarely comes out. She loses her ability to think and remain lucid. She has what we used to call "spells" in the South...which was a polite way of saying you faint a lot for some unknown reason, or that you're just plain "not right in the head". 

Donald Trump is far from perfect. He has an ego. He is bombastic. But he's a man that the enemy will respect and will not mess with, much like Reagan. And we need that right now with the Middle East burning and our allies wondering if they can count on us. He will not destroy our Constitution which Hillary has flat out said she will do. He will lower taxes for everyone - and what's bad about that? Hillary makes no bones about it - she will raise taxes - alot. And when shee tells you that, she smiles about it. She calls it "investing" in jobs and education and such, but this is a smoke screen for more government, more taxes, more control over your life and the taking of your money. Donald will bring us a sense of nationalistic pride again, much like Reagan did. Making America First is not a bad thing. Unless you hate America. 






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